Comparative Mammalian Immunology: The Evolution and Diversity of the Immune Systems of Mammals

Comparative Mammalian Immunology: The Evolution And Diversity Of The Immune Systems Of Mammals Pdf Download

By Ian Tizard

Comparative Mammalian Immunology: The Evolution and Diversity of the Immune Systems of Mammals PDF provides a review on the current knowledge of mammalian immune systems from a comparative viewpoint. This reference encompasses recent work on the immune systems of marine mammals, bats and marsupials in addition to other lesser-known species, with the immune systems of humans and laboratory mice as components of chapters on primates and rodents respectively. The book also makes use of the most recent studies on the genomic sequences of the mammals to identify both common and unique features of each mammal’s immune system.

The book elucidates the complex, but coordinated and controlled series of interactions involving cells and molecules that has evolved to protect the host against disease. Mammals consist of a highly diverse group of animals in which the immune system has been subjected to a variety of selective pressures. This is reflected in differences in the organization and function of their immune systems, and is especially seen in those gene families characterized by complexity and polymorphism.

  • Demonstrates multiple diverse pathways and mechanisms to optimize resistance and survival in the face of infectious diseases
  • Shows the clear patterns of emergence of different immunologic traits among the diverse orders of mammals
  • Reflects issues with innate or adaptive immune systems
  • Serves as a comprehensive review of the current state of knowledge of the immune system of each mammalian order
Table of Contents

1. The phylogeny of the mammals
2. The evolution of viviparity
3. The evolution of lactation
4. Endothermy
5. The mammalian microbiota and its role in the evolution of the immune system
6. Innate immunity in mammals
7. The evolution of the major histocompatibility complex and kir receptors
8. The generation of b cell and t cell antigen diversity
9. Mammalian lymphoid systems
10. Mammalian longevity and aging

11. Monotremes: Echidnas and platypus
12. Marsupials: Koalas and kangaroos
13. Placentals: Cetartiodactyla: camels and llamas
14. Cetartiodactyla: Pigs and peccaries
15. Ruminants: Cattle, and sheep
16. Cetaceans: Dolphins and whales
17. Chiropterans: Bats
18. Carnivora
19. Perissodactyls: Horses
20. Lagomorphs: Rabbits
21. Rodents: Rats and mice
22. Primates: Monkeys, apes, and humans
23. Paenungulates: Elephants and sirenians
24. Xenarthrans: Sloths and anteaters
25. Synthesis

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