Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Animals: Textbook and Colour Atlas 7th Edition

Veterinary Anatomy Of Domestic Animals Pdf

By Horst Erich König, Hans-Georg Liebich

Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Animals: Textbook and Colour Atlas 7th Edition PDF. The days of cramming dry anatomical facts are over. It’s time to look at anatomy as an opportunity to appreciate a fascinating world of relationships and interconnections.


  • The complete spectrum of systematic and topographic anatomy: clearly structured and vividly presented, featuring superb high-quality images
  • A combined text and atlas: takes into account a variety of species, an ideal resource for developing a comprehensive understanding of anatomical structures and relationships
  • Integrated sectional anatomy and contemporary diagnostic imaging: a window into the application of anatomy in diagnostics

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • A new chapter on avian anatomy: the fundamental structural features of birds, at a glance
  • Over 1100 exceptional images: anatomical specimens and histological images, thin slice plastinations, colour schematics, diagnostic imaging, sectional anatomy
  • Numerous references to clinical and applied anatomy: including equine endoscopy, arthrocentesis, examination of the udder, rectal examination and laparotomy
  • A unique bonus: CT, MRI and ultrasonographic images

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction and general anatomy
2 Axial skeleton (skeleton axiale)
3 Fasciae and muscles of the head, neck and trunk
4 Forelimbs or thoracic limbs (membra thoracica)
5 Hindlimbs or pelvic limbs (membra pelvina)
6 Statics and dynamics
7 Body cavities
8 Digestive system (apparatus digestorius)
9 Respiratory system (apparatus respiratorius)
10 Urinary system (organa urinaria)
11 Male genital organs (organa genitalia masculina)
12 Female genital organs (organa genitalia feminina)
13 Organs of the cardiovascular system (systema cardiovasculare)
14 Immune system and lymphatic organs (organa lymphopoetica)
15 Nervous system (systema nervosum)
16 Endocrine glands (glandulae endocrinae)
17 Eye (organum visus)
18 Vestibulocochlear organ (organum vestibulocochleare)
19 Common integument (integumentum commune)
20 Topographical-clinical anatomy
21 Avian anatomy
22 Sectional anatomy and imaging processes
23 Appendix

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