Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians


Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians

Anatomic Pathology For Veterinary Clinicians

By Melanie Dobromylskyj

Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians is a concise guide for practising vets on anatomic pathology, aiding the reader’s understanding of pathology, thus allowing optimisation of diagnostic tests.

Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians will teach practitioners how to:

  • take quality biopsy samples to get better results
  • understand histopathology reports
  • know when additional tests are warranted and are likely to give clinically useful information.

Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians aims to set out protocols for how to take samples correctly, how to submit them correctly, understand reports and be confident with requesting follow-up reports, thus closing the gap between veterinary practice and pathology practice, and establishing practices that benefit both.

Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians is an ideal textbook for veterinary surgeons and nurses in clinical practice; including general practice, clinical specialists, and people training in clinical specialties; vets training to become pathologists, vets interested in a career in pathology and undergraduates with an interest in pathology.

The book is part of the Veterinary Atlases series. Full colour textbooks, containing very high quality photographs, they are an excellent resource for veterinary practitioners and students alike.

Table of Contents
  1. Submission of samples
  2. Post-mortem examinations and gross pathology
  3. Biopsy types with regards to tumour grading and margin assessment
  4. Gastrointestinal and liver biopsies
  5. Special stains, immunohistochemistry and additional testing Introduction
  6. Oncology: recognizing features of neoplasia and of malignancy
  7. Oncology: histological descriptions, grading of neoplasms and additional prognostication
  8. Index

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