The Suckling and Weaned Piglet

The Suckling and Weaned Piglet

By Chantal Farmer

The Suckling and Weaned Piglet PDF. The last books discussing the neonatal or weaned pig were published over 15 years ago. This new book provides up to date information on the suckling and weaned piglet. It covers novel and important topics such as microbiota development in piglets and management of hyperprolific litters. It also discusses topics such as weaning age and its long term influence on piglet heath and performance. The developments of lean and fat tissues and of the intestinal immune system in young pigs are described in detail. Emphasis is put on well-being with chapters focussing on husbandry interventions in suckling piglets as well as consequences of the lactational environment on behavioural disturbances of pigs after weaning. The multiple stressors encountered at and post-weaning are also discussed. Updates on essential subjects such as neonatal mortality, creep feeding of suckling piglets, feeding strategies for weaned pigs, housing systems post-weaning and diseases of piglets are provided. The information covered in this book should be of great assistance to animal scientists, nutritionists, veterinarians and swine producers. They will be made aware of most recent knowledge that will assist in improving the performance and welfare of suckling and weaned piglets.

Table of Contents

1. The neonatal pig: developmental influences on vitality

2. Lean and fat development in piglets

3. Managing the litter from hyperprolific sows

4. Husbandry interventions in suckling piglets, painful consequences and mitigation

5. Feeding the suckling pig: creep feeding

6. Development of the intestinal immune system in young pigs – role of the microbial environment

7. Microbiota development in piglets

8. Consequences of the lactational environment on behavioural problems of pigs after weaning

9. Weaning age and its long-term influence on health and performance

10. Feeding the weaned piglet

11. Stressors and weaned pig welfare: impact and mitigation

12. Diseases of piglets

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