The Laboratory Guinea Pig, 2nd Edition


The Laboratory Guinea Pig, 2nd Edition

The Laboratory Guinea Pig 2Nd Edition

By Donna J. Clemons and Jennifer L. Seeman

The Laboratory Guinea Pig, 2nd Edition PDF Pig provides a compact and well- illustrated introduction to research on the guinea pig. The second edition of this popular handbook facilitates quick reference to the behavioral and physical traits of the guinea pig, as well as practical information on its unique anatomical and biological features. Numerous tables and color illustrations help the reader identify features of anatomy and understand health issues and care requirements. Supplying a stepwise introduction to common laboratory techniques, the new edition of this trusted reference provides guidance that supports the humane care and use of guinea pigs in the laboratory setting.

  • Includes drug dosage and anesthetic protocols, and tables of normative biological data
  • Details basic information for animal facility management, animal husbandry, regulatory compliance, and technical procedures
  • Illustrates key concepts and procedures with more than 50 color illustrations
  • Offers sources and suppliers of animals, feed, sanitation supplies, cages, and research and veterinary supplies
  • Comb-bound for quick and easy access by investigators, technicians, and animal caretakers

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