Handbook of Primate Behavioral Management PDF

Handbook of Primate Behavioral Management PDF

By Steven J. Schapiro

The Handbook of Primate Behavioral Management PDF fills a void in the scientific literature, providing those who work with nonhuman primates (NHPs) with a centralized reference for many issues related to the care and behavioral management of captive nonhuman primates. While there are numerous publications scattered throughout the literature that deal with the behavioral management of NHPs, this comprehensive handbook is the first single-source reference to summarize and synthesize this information. The HPBM is organized into six complementary parts starting with an introductory section. The book then provides in-depth coverage of content issues, applications and implementation, genera-specific chapters, technology-related questions involved in the behavioral management of NHPs, and a concluding section.

Primate behavioral management is a topic that has recently generated a considerable number of primary publications in the scientific literature, mostly with an applied focus. Similarly, there are many primary publications currently available that address more basic issues related to the understanding of primate behavior. One of the principal goals of the HPBM is to highlight and synthesize basic science advances that can be adapted and applied to enhance the behavioral management of captive NHPs.

  • Offers chapters by renowned experts which are comprised of three subunits: a theoretical discussion of the content area, a description of the methods employed to address the content area, and finally, and most importantly, a discussion of the ways that relevant aspects of the content area can be easily employed/adapted to enhance the behavioral management of NHPs
  • Provides case studies that highlight the areas of expertise of the authors and emphasize ‘success stories’ that can be used to develop behavioral management strategies and build behavioral management programs
  • Presents ‘Genera-specific’ chapters which focus on behavioral management strategies that, typically, are successfully employed with particular taxa of NHPs
  • Includes a novel, pioneering ‘Product/services’ section that provides the producers of important technologies, equipment, and services with an opportunity to highlight the ways in which their products enhance the ability of their clients to manage the behavior of NHPs
  • Illustrated with full color images and drawings throughout.

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Table of Contents

THE BASICS. Introduction to the Handbook of Primate Behavioral Management.

The Behavioral Management Consortium: A Partnership for Promoting Consensus and Best Practices

Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, and Directives

Behavioral Management: The Environment and Animal Welfare


Variation in Biobehavioral Organization.

The Role of Stress in Abnormal Behavior and Other Abnormal Conditions Such as Hair Loss.

Individual Differences in Temperament and Behavioral Management.

Depression in Captive Nonhuman Primates: Theoretical Underpinnings, Methods, and Application to Behavioral Management.

Antipredator Behavior: Its Expression and Consequences in Captive Primates.

 Future Research with Captive Chimpanzees in the United States: Integrating Scientific Programs with Behavioral Management.

Utility of Systems Network Analysis for Understanding Complexity in Primate Behavioral Management.


Positive Reinforcement Training and Health Care.

 The Veterinarian–Behavioral Management Interface.

Social Learning and Decision Making.

Collaborative Research and Behavioral Management.

Pairing Strategies for Cynomolgus Macaques.

Managing a Behavioral Management Program.


Behavioral Management of Macaca Species (except Macaca fascicularis).

Behavioral Management of Long-Tailed Macaques (Macaca fascicularis).

Behavioral Management of Chlorocebus spp.

Behavioral Management of Papio spp. 

Behavioral Management of Pan spp. 

Behavioral Management of Neotropical Primates: AotusCallithrix, and Saimiri. 

Behavioral Management of Prosimians. 

PRODUCTS, EQUIPMENT, TECHNIQUES, AND SERVICES. Behavioral Management, Primate Jackets, and Related Equipment. 

Nutrition, Feeding, and Behavioral Management.

Providing Behaviorally Manageable Primates for Research. 


Behavioral Management of Laboratory Primates: Principles and Projections. 

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