Sheep Production Adapting to Climate Change

Sheep Production Adapting to Climate Change PDF

By Veerasamy Sejian, Raghavendra Bhatta, John Gaughan, Pradeep Kumar Malik, S.M.K Naqvi and Rattan Lal

Sheep Production Adapting to Climate Change PDF presents a compilation of the latest findings from reputed researchers around the globe, covering in detail climate change and its effects on sheep production. In the current global climate change scenario, information related to its impact on livestock agriculture is lacking.

The negative impacts of climate change are already being felt by all livestock species. Further, the mitigation and amelioration strategies that are applicable for one species may not hold true for another. As such, concerted research efforts are needed to identify species-specific strategies for mitigation and adaptation.

With that goal in mind, this book is the first of its kind to gather comprehensive information pertaining to the impact of climate change on various aspects of sheep production. It also sheds light on the role of sheep with regard to the global greenhouse gas pool. The book highlights the status quo of sheep production from climate change perspectives and projects the significance of adapting future sheep production to the challenges posed by climate change.

It addresses in detail the various adaptations, methane mitigation and amelioration strategies needed to sustain sheep production in the future. In addition, the book presents development plans and policies that will allow the sheep industry to cope with current climate changes and strategies that will lessen future impacts.

Bringing together essential information prepared by world-class researchers hailing from different agro-ecological zones, this book offers a unique resource for all researchers, teachers and students associated with sustaining the sheep production in the face of global change.

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Table of Contents

Adapting Sheep Production to Climate Change

Climate Change Impact on Sheep Production: Growth, Milk, Wool, and Meat

Impact of Climate Change on Sheep Reproduction

Climate Change Impact on Immune Response in Sheep

Adaptive Mechanisms of Sheep to Climate Change

Sheep Genetic Diversity and Breed Differences for Climate-Change Adaptation

Climate Changes, Water Use and Survival During Severe Water Deprivation

Projected Impacts of Climate Changes and Sustainability of Sheep Production Systems

Impact of Climate Change on Sheep Disease Occurrences and Its Management

Enteric Methane Emission in Sheep: Process Description and Factors Influencing Production

Alteration in Rumen Functions and Diet Digestibility During Heat Stress in Sheep

Methane Estimation Methodologies in Sheep

Enteric Methane Emission and Reduction Strategies in Sheep

Measurement of Severity of Heat Stress in Sheep

Biological Markers for Climate Change: Impact in Sheep

Ideal Housing Systems for Sheep to Cope with Climate Change

Management Strategies to Reduce Heat Stress in Sheep

Nutritional Strategies to Alleviate Heat Stress in Sheep

Significance of Body Condition Scoring System to Optimize Sheep Production

Adaptation Strategies to Counter Climate Change Impact on Sheep

Adapting Sheep Production to Changing Climate: Conclusions and Researchable Priorities

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