Sheep Keeping: The Professional Smallholder Series 

Sheep Keeping: The Professional Smallholder Series PDF Download

By Phillipa Page and Kim Hamer

Sheep Keeping: The Professional Smallholder Series PDF. Sheep Keeping is a practical guide to common problems seen in small sheep flocks. It is suitable for experienced smallholder sheep farmers, but also relevant to new and prospective ones. As a sheep keeper, have you ever wanted to go into more depth with your vet and gain expert advice that will keep your flock healthy and happy? Sheep Keeping: The Professional Smallholder Series provides in-depth veterinary information to complement local veterinary consultations. Advice is offered on everyday issues, such as: feeding and nutrition; housing; organ systems and their function; disease and treatments; and sheep behavior. Each chapter guides the reader through different sheep keeping systems, organ biology, correct diet and nutrition, lambing time, and the many problems that can occur at this time of year. Helpful photographs and diagrams will help readers identify and describe diseases, including recognizing abnormal behaviour and the signs of disease in their sheep. The chapter on routine husbandry procedures will help readers prevent diseases through good practice.

Table of Contents

The Professional Smallholder Series

CHAPTER 1 Keeping sheep (Phillipa Page)

CHAPTER 2 The normal sheep (Phillipa Page)

CHAPTER 3 The organ systems of the sheep (Phillipa Page)

CHAPTER 4 Diet and nutrition (Phillipa Page)

CHAPTER 5 Breeding sheep (Phillipa Page)

CHAPTER 6 Lambing time (Kim Hamer)

CHAPTER 7 Sick sheep (Kim Hamer)

CHAPTER 8 Preventative treatments (Kim Hamer)

CHAPTER 9 Preventing disease from entering your flock (Kim Hamer)

CHAPTER 10 The sheep farming year (Kim Hamer)


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