Poultry Science: The Many Faces of Chemistry in Poultry Production and Processing

Poultry Science: The Many Faces Of Chemistry In Poultry Production And Processing

By Katarzyna Stadnicka , Aleksandra Dunisławska and Bartosz Tylkowski

Poultry Science: The Many Faces of Chemistry in Poultry Production and Processing PDF presents a novel, interdisciplinary approach to describe the role of advanced research and engineering in contemporary poultry science and poultry production. Acknowledged experts in a range of disciplines including chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, food technology, meat science, health sciences, biotechnology, and animal science write each chapter of the book. Current technologies, safety, use of antibiotics, and welfare issues to address the challenges of the Green Deal and circular economy, are a few topics this book examines.

  • Describes the current challenges and prospects in poultry science
  • Discusses safety and sustainability of a European as well as global poultry production
Table of Contents
  1. Poultry nutrition
  2. Antibiotics in avian care and husbandry-status and alternative antimicrobials
  3. Health in poultry- immunity and microbiome with regard to a concept of one health
  4. The role of analytical chemistry in poultry science
  5. Ecological footprint of poultry production and effect of environment on poultry genes
  6. The science of genetically modified poultry
  7. Emerging in ovo technologies in poultry production and the re-discovered chicken model in preclinical research 8 Quality of poultry meat- the practical issues and knowledge based solutions
  8. Index

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