Climate Change and Infectious Fish Diseases

Climate Change And Infectious Fish Diseases

By Patrick T K Woo, Jo-Ann Leong and Kurt Buchmann

Climate Change and Infectious Fish Diseases PDF. Climate change with global warming is not disputed by the vast majority of scientists and the aquatic system is most affected. A global rise in water temperature and acidification of the aquatic environment will continue even if we can significantly reduce the current output of the two most important greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide and methane). These and other environmental changes will affect fish health which includes infectious pathogens.

This important new text is the second volume on climate change and fish health. It covers changes to the freshwater ecosystem and their current and expected effects on selected infectious diseases of fish. The book represents contributions by over 50 experts from 18 countries. Comprehensive and thought-provoking, the book details abiotic and biotic environmental changes in temperate and tropical freshwater ecosystems, sequestrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide and effects on infectious diseases (12 microbial and 10 parasitic) in economically important fish in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters.

The text is key reading for fish disease scientists, aquatic ecologists, fish health consultants, veterinarians, policy makers and all who are interested in fish health and the environment.

Table of Contents

Table of contents


1: Freshwater Ecosystems in North America with Reference to the Great Lakes Basin. By Derrick T. de Kerckhove and Cindy Chu

2: Tropical Freshwater Ecosystems, Biota and Anthropogenic Activities with Reference to South-East Asia. By Jia Huan Liew, Rayson Bock Hing Lim, Bi Wei Low, Maxine Allayne Darlene Mowe, Ting Hui Ng, Yiwen Zeng and Darren Chong Jinn Yeo

3: Biological Sequestrations of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide with Strategies to Enhance Storage of the Gas. By Namitha Nayak, Rajesh Mehrotra and Sandhya Mehrotra


4: Rhabdovirosis (Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Virus). By Carol A. Stepien, Douglas W. Leaman and Megan D. Niner

5: Nodavirosis (Striped Jack Nervous Necrosis Virus). By Sandra C. Zainathan and Nurshuhada Ariff

6: Aquatic Birnavirosis (Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus). By Carlos P. Dopazo

7: Herpesvirosis (Koi Herpesvirus). By Hatem Soliman and Mansour El-Matbouli

8: Orthomyxovirosis (Tilapia Lake Virus). By Win Surachetpong and Kwanrawee Sirikanchana

9: Iridovirosis. By Hsin-Yiu Chou, Hidehiro Kondo and Qi-Wei Qin

10: Vibriosis. By Carmen Amaro, Belén Fouz, Eva Sanjuán and Jesús L. Romalde

11: Aeromoniosis (Aeromonas salmonicida). By Margaret Crumlish and Brian Austin

12: Edwardsiellosis. By Matt J. Griffin, Esteban Soto and David J. Wise

13: Fish Mycobacteriosis. By Christopher M. Whipps, David T. Gauthier and Michael L. Kent

14: Piscirickettsiosis (Piscirickettsia salmonis). By Pedro A. Smith and Fernando O. Mardones

15: Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (Aphanomyces invadans). By Dibyendu Kamilya and Kollanoor Riji John


16: Amoebiosis (Neoparamoeba perurans). By Jadwiga Sokolowska and Barbara F. Nowak

17: Scuticociliatosis. By Jesús Lamas and José Manuel Leiro

18: Ichthyophthiriosis (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis). By Louise von Gersdorff Jørgensen and Kurt Buchmann

19: Microsporidiosis (Loma salmonae). By David J. Speare

20: Myxoboliosis (Myxobolus cerebralis). By Julie D. Alexander and Jerri L. Bartholomew

21: Gyrodactylosis (Gyrodactylus salaris). By Tor Atle Mo

22: Eubothriosis. By Ken MacKenzie

23: Diplostomiasis (Diplostomum spathaceum and Related Species). By Anssi T. Karvonen and David J. Marcogliese

24: Anisakiosis (Anisakis simplex s.l.). By Arne Levsen, Paolo Cipriani, Miguel Bao, Lucilla Giulietti and Simonetta Mattiucci

25: Lepeophtheirosis (Lepeophtheirus salmonis). By Mark D. Fast and Sussie Dalvin

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