Livestock And Poultry Production Management and Planning


Livestock And Poultry Production Management and Planning

Livestock And Poultry Production Management And Planning

By Ramesh Nandan

Livestock And Poultry Production Management and Planning PDF. Livestock play a vital role in the agricultural and rural economies of the developing world. Not only do they produce food directly, they also provide key inputs to crop agriculture. Most farms in the developing world are too small to justify owning or using a tractor, and the alternatives are animal power or human labour. The global livestock sector is rapidly changing in response to globalization and growing demand for animal-source foods, driven by population growth and increasing wealth in much of the developing world. The rapid rate of urbanization seen in many countries is not only linked to growing affluence but also gives rise to changes in people’s food preferences; usually tending towards greater convenience and higher standards of safety. As well as the many benefits and opportunities associated with rapid sector transformation and growth, they are also associated with social, environmental and public health risks. This comprehensive text covers all types of farm animals and provides detailed information on each species.

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1. The Sustainability of Livestock Production Systems

2. Preparedness for Upkeep of Livestock during Calamity

3. Economic Importance of Livestock in Vulnerable Zones

4. Issues and Perspectives in Livestock Production

5. Management of Livestock Production

6. Practical Technologies and Options for the Genetic Improvement of Livestock

7. Food Safety and Quality as Affected by Animal Feedstuff

8. Feedstuffs in Livestock

9. Animal Husbandry Development Programmes

10. Poultry Production Techniques.

11. Alternative Poultry Production Systems and Outdoor Access

12. Poultry Farming

13. Live Bird Marketing


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