Principles of Medical Biochemistry 3rd Edition


Principles of Medical Biochemistry 3rd Edition PDF

By Gerhard Meisenberg PhD , William H. Simmons PhD

Principles of Medical Biochemistry 3rd Edition PDF. “Highly Commended,” Basic and Clinical Sciences Category, British Medical Association 2012 Medical Book Competition

  • Access the fully searchable text online at, along with downloadable illustrations, 150 USMLE-style test questions, 20 clinical case studies, chapter summaries, and integration links to related subjects.
  • Understand biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics together in context through an integrated approach.
  • Get only the information you need for your course with comprehensive yet focused coverage of relevant topics.
  • Review and reinforce your learning using the glossary of technical terms, highlighted in the text and with interactive features online.
  • Tap into the most up-to-date coverage of new developments in genome research, the molecular basis of genetic diseases, techniques of DNA sequencing and molecular diagnosis, RNA interference as a mechanism both for regulation of gene expression and for anti-viral defense, and more.
  • Gain a clear visual understanding through new and updated figures that provide current and relevant guidance.
  • Make the link between basic science and clinical medicine with new Clinical Example boxes in nearly every chapter.

Principles of Medical Biochemistry 3rd Edition Focuses on the most essential biochemistry principles and how they apply to clinical medicine

Table of Contents

Principles of Medical Biochemistry 3rd Edition Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to biomolecules
  2. Introduction to protein structure
  3. Oxygen-binding proteins : hemoglobin and myoglobin
  4. Enzymatic reactions
  5. Coenzymes
  6. DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis
  7. The human genome
  8. Protein targeting and proteostasis
  9. Introduction to genetic diseases
  10. Viruses
  11. DNA technology
  12. Biological membranes
  13. The cytoskeleton
  14. The extracellular matrix
  15. Extracellular messengers
  16. Intracellular messengers
  17. Plasma proteins
  18. Defense mechanisms
  19. Cellular growth control and cancer
  20. Digestive enzymes
  21. Introduction to metabolic pathways
  22. Glycolysis, tricarboxylic acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation
  23. Oxygen deficiency and oxygen toxicity
  24. Carbohydrate metabolism
  25. The metabolism of fatty acids and triglycerides
  26. The metabolism of membrane lipids
  27. Lipid transport
  28. Amino acid metabolism
  29. Metabolism of iron and heme
  30. The metabolism of purines and pyrimidines
  31. Micronutrients
  32. Integration of metabolism

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