Advanced Dairy Chemistry, Vol 1B, Proteins – Applied Aspects, 4th Edition

By Paul L. H. McSweeney and James A. O’Mahony

Advanced Dairy Chemistry, Vol 1B, Proteins: Applied Aspects, 4th Edition PDF. The chemistry and physico-chemical properties of milk proteins are perhaps the largest and most rapidly evolving major areas in dairy chemistry. Advanced Dairy Chemistry-1B: Proteins: Applied Aspects covers the applied, technologically-focused chemical aspects of dairy proteins, the most commercially valuable constituents of milk. This fourth edition contains most chapters in the third edition on applied aspects of dairy proteins. The original chapter on production and utilization of functional milk proteins has been split into two new chapters focusing on casein- and whey-based ingredients separately by new authors. The chapters on denaturation, aggregation and gelation of whey proteins (Chapter 6), heat stability of milk (Chapter 7) and protein stability in sterilised milk (Chapter 10) have been revised and expanded considerably by new authors and new chapters have been included on rehydration properties of dairy protein powders (Chapter 4) and sensory properties of dairy protein ingredients (Chapter 8). This authoritative work describes current knowledge on the applied and technologically-focused chemistry and physico-chemical aspects of milk proteins and will be very valuable to dairy scientists, chemists, technologists and others working in dairy research or in the dairy industry.

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