Lecture Notes Clinical Biochemistry 9th Edition

Lecture Notes Clinical Biochemistry 9th Edition PDF

By Simon W. Walker, Geoffrey J. Beckett, Peter Rae, Peter Ashby

Concise yet comprehensive, Lecture Notes Clinical Biochemistry 9th Edition PDF contains all the essential information for students and foundation doctors to understand the biochemical basis of disease and principles of biochemical diagnostics. It presents scientific principles in a clinical setting, with a range of case studies integrated into the text to clearly demonstrate how knowledge should be applied to real-life situations.

Key features:

• The fundamental science underpinning common biochemical disorders and their investigation in clinical practice
• Accessible flow charts of biochemical processes and the reasoning behind specific tests, making look-up and understanding easy

Lecture Notes Clinical Biochemistry 9th Edition PDF is an ideal overview and revision guide for medical students, foundation doctors, general practitioners, and nurses. It also provides a core text for scientific and medical staff pursuing a career in clinical biochemistry.

Table of Contents

Preface, vi

List of abbreviations, vii

How to use your textbook, x

About the companion website, xiii

1 Requesting and interpreting tests, 1

2 Disturbances of water, sodium and potassium balance, 13

3 Acid–base balance and oxygen transport, 30

4 Renal disease, 43

5 Disorders of calcium, phosphate and magnesium metabolism, 60

6 Diabetes mellitus and hypoglycaemia, 76

7 Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary, 89

8 Abnormalities of thyroid function, 102

9 Disorders of the adrenal cortex and medulla, 116

10 Investigation of gonadal function infertility, menstrual irregularities and hirsutism,134

11 Pregnancy and antenatal screening, 152

12 Cardiovascular disorders, 160

13 Liver disease, 174

14 Gastrointestinal tract disease, 188

15 Nutrition, 198

16 Trauma, infl ammation, immunity and malignancy, 213

17 Disorders of iron and porphyrin metabolism, 228

18 Uric acid, gout and purine metabolism, 238

19 Central nervous system and cerebrospinal fl uid, 245

20 Therapeutic drug monitoring and chemical toxicology, 249

21 Clinical biochemistry in paediatrics and the elderly, 261

Index, 278

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