Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals

Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals PDFBy Joe Bartges and David Polzin

Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals PDF provides veterinarians with the knowledge needed to effectively diagnose and treat urologic diseases in canine, feline, and exotic patients. Serving as an easy-to-use, comprehensive clinical reference, the text takes an evidence-based approach to detailed coverage of specific diseases and disorders, including etiology and prevalence, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, prognosis, controversies, and references. Coverage also includes practical review of anatomy and physiology of the urinary system, fundamentals of diagnostic testing and therapeutic techniques.

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Table of Contents



Section 1 Anatomy and physiology.

1 Anatomy of the kidney and proximal ureter (Christina E. Clarkson and Thomas F. Fletcher).

2 Physiology of the kidneys (Scott Brown).

3 Anatomy of the lower urogenital tract (Thomas F. Fletcher and Christina E. Clarkson).

Section 2 Diagnostic testing.

4 Historical information and physical examination (Joe Bartges and David Polzin).

5 The ins and outs of urine collection (Carl A. Osborne, Jody P. Lulich, and Hasan Albasan).

6 Nephropyelocentesis and antegrade pyelography (Silke Hecht).

7 Urinalysis (Michael M. Fry).

8 Urine protein and microalbuminuria (Mary B. Nabity).

9 Urine culture (Joe Bartges).

10 Urinary enzyme activity for detection of acute kidney injury (Richard Goldstein).

11 Diagnosis of uroabdomen (Michael M. Fry).

12 Urinary saturation testing (Joe Bartges).

13 Blood pressure determination (Rebecca L. Stepien).

14 Renal function testing (Herve P. Lefebvre).

15 Radiographic imaging in urinary tract disease (Daniel A. Feeney and Kari L. Anderson).

16 Ultrasonography of the urinary tract (Silke Hecht and George A. Henry).

17 Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the urinary tract (Alexander G. MacLeod and Erik R. Wisner).

18 Renal scintigraphy (Gregory B. Daniel).

19 Diagnostic urologic endoscopy (Julie Byron and Dennis Chew).

20 Vaginoscopy (Margaret Root Kustritz).

21 Urologic laparoscopy (Jacqueline Whittemore).

22 Urodynamic studies (India F. Lane).

23 Renal biopsy (George E. Lees and Anne Bahr).

24 Renal pathology (Cathy Brown).

25 Biopsy of the lower urinary tract (Jody Lulich and Carl Osborne).

26 Cytology of the urinary tract and prostate (Michael M. Fry).

27 Diagnosis of infectious diseases of the urinary tract (Meryl P. Littman).

Section 3 Therapeutic techniques.

28 Hemodialysis (Cathy Langston).

29 Continuous renal replacement therapy (Mark J Acierno).

30 Peritoneal dialysis (Mary Anna Labato).

31 Renal transplantation (Christopher A. Adin).

32 Indwelling urinary catheters and stents (Allyson Berent).

33 Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (Larry G. Adams and Corinne K. Goldman).

34 Intracorporeal laser lithotripsy (Jody P. Lulich, Carl A. Osborne, and Hasan Albasan).

35 Canine retrograde urohydropropulsion (Carl A. Osborne, Jody P. Lulich, and David J. Polzin).

36 Feline urethral obstruction (Carl A. Osborne, Jody P. Lulich, and David J. Polzin).

37 Voiding urohydropropulsion (Jody P. Lulich and Carl A. Osborne).

38 Urethral bulking for urinary incontinence (Joe Bartges).

39 Laser ablation of ectopic ureter (Joseph W. Bartges).

40 Drug therapy with renal failure (Joe Bartges and Tomas Martin-Jimenez).

Section 4 Clinical syndromes.

41 Azotemia and uremia (Sheri J. Ross).

42 Polyuria and polydipsia (James Katherine).

43 Proteinuria and microalbuminuria (Hattie Syme and Jonathon Elliott).

44 Nephrotic syndrome (Barrak Pressler).

45 Abnormal renal palpation (Claudia Kirk and Joe Bartges).

46 Discolored urine (Joe Bartges).

47 Clinical signs of lower urinary tract disease (Joe Bartges).

Section 5 Upper urinary tract disorders.

48 Chronic kidney disease (David J. Polzin).

49 Acute kidney insufficiency (Larry D. Cowgill and Cathy Langston).

50 Prognosis of acute renal failure (Gilad Segev).

51 Prognosis of renal failure–chronic (David J. Polzin).

52 Renal manifestations of systemic disease (Linda Ross).

53 Glomerular disease (Shelly L. Vaden and Gregory F. Grauer).

54 Amyloidosis (Joe Bartges and Jonathan Wall).

55 Disorders of renal tubules (Joe Bartges).

56 Congenital kidney diseases (George E. Lees).

57 Renal neoplasia (Carolyn Henry).

58 Diseases of the ureter (Gilad Segev).

59 Renal trauma (Patricia Sura).

60 Renal and ureteral surgery (Karen Tobias).

Section 6 Fluid, electrolyte, and acid–base disorders.

61 Sodium disorders (David J. Polzin).

62 Potassium disorders (Andrea J. Sotirakopoulos and Sheri J. Ross).

63 Magnesium disorders (Elizabeth Rozanski0.

64 Calcium disorders (John M. Kruger and Carl A. Osborne).

65 Phosphorus disorders (David. J Polzin).

66 Metabolic acid–base disorders (Marie E. Kerl).

67 Mixed acid–base disorders (Mark J. Acierno).

Section 7 Systemic arterial hypertension.

68 Systemic arterial hypertension (Scott Brown).

Section 8 Upper and lower urinary tract disorders.

69 Canine and feline urolithiasis: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention (Jody P. Lulich, Carl A. Osborne, and Hasan Albasan).

70 Pathophysiology of urinary obstruction (Joe Bartges).

71 Urinary tract infection—bacterial (David Senior).

72 Fungal urinary tract infection (Barrak Pressler).

73 Viruses and urinary tract disease (John M. Kruger, Carl A. Osborne, Annabel G. Wise, Brian A. Scansen, and Roger K. Maes).

74 Nematodes of the upper and lower urinary tract of dogs and cats (Carl A. Osborne, Jody P. Lulich, and Hasan Albasan).

Section 9 Lower urinary tract disorders.

75 Feline idiopathic cystitis (Jodi L. Westropp).

76 Micturition disorders (Julie Fischer and India F. Lane).

77 Urethral diseases (Joe Bartges).

78 Prostatic disease (Margaret Root Kustritz).

79 Neoplasia of the lower urinary tract (Jeffrey Phillips).

80 Congenital diseases of the lower urinary tract (Joe Bartges and John M. Kruger).

81 Inappropriate urination (Elizabeth A Shull).

82 Lower urinary tract trauma (Patricia Sura).

83 Surgery of the lower urinary tract (Karen Tobias).

Section 10 Urinary disorders of avian and exotic companion animals.

84 Avian and exotic companion animals (Cheryl B. Greenacre).

Section 11 Counseling clients.

85 Counseling clients (Elizabeth Strand).

Appendix: Physiology of the lower urogenital tract.


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