Meat Science and Applications


Meat Science and Applications

Meat Science And Applications Pdf

By Y. H. Hui, Wai-Kit Nip and Robert Rogers

Meat Science and Applications PDF compiles the most recent science, technology, and applications of meat products, by-products, and meat processing. It details worker safety, waste management, slaughtering, carcass evaluation, meat safety, and animal handling issues from an international perspective. Essential concepts are illustrated with practical examples and helpful diagrams.



Table of Contents

Meat science – chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology: meat composition

postmortem muscle chemistry

meat colour

flavours of meat products

analytical methods

meat biotechnology. Meat safety: microbiology of meats

meat safety

drug residues in meat – emerging issues. Slaughtering and carcass processing: antemortem handling and welfare

slaughtering and processing equipment

carcass processing -factors affecting quality

carcass processing – quality controls

electrical inputs and meat processing. Processing meats: meat and meat products

spices and flavourings for meat and meat products

intermediate-moisture meat and dehydrated meat

manufacturing of reduced-fat, low-fat and fat-free emulsion sausage

meat packaging – protection, preservation and presentation

meat curing technology

meat smoking technology

meat canning technology

meat fermentation technology. Meat production, byproducts, workers’ safety and waste management: meat production

meat co-products

occupational safety

waste management.

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