Meat Hygiene


Meat Hygiene

By Kavita Marwaha

Meat Hygiene book PDF. Meat forms a considerable component of the diet of a large number of people around the world, especially in developed countries. With the outbreak of new diseases like bird flue, meat hygiene has come to gain immense prominence as a matter of utmost prominence among consumers nutritionists and food technologists.

The main concerns of any meat consumer lies in meat safety and quality. With new advancements in technology, the meat packaging industry has gained a strong food hold in terms of the quality of meat it provide to customers, and it has begun to begun the ones of the burden of complying with standard regulations regarding meat quality.

Meat Hygiene book describes the numerous kits, procedures, instruments and systems employed in the hygiene control of meat. For anybody who handles food as part of their work, meat is an inevitable commodity, and its hygiene forms a crucial part of their study in houses and training. Comprehensively exploring the issue, the book should be of great use to such personnel.

Table of Contents


1. Introduction
2. Meat Sanitation
3. General Hygiene Principles for Meat Handling
4. General Hygiene Rules for Meat Industries
5. Red Meat Hygiene
6. Meat Products
7. Meat Cutting and Utilization
8. Hygiene Practices in Slaughtering and Meat Handling”
9. Basic Techniques in Meat Processing
10. Animals Symptoms of Disease
11. Packaging and Labelling



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