Gut Microbiota, Immunity, and Health in Production Animals

By Michael H. Kogut , Glenn Zhang

Gut Microbiota, Immunity, and Health in Production Animals PDF Book sheds new light on the interplay between the gut, gut microbiota, and host physiological processes in production animals.

The gut microbiome shapes health and susceptibility to disease and has become a leading area of research in the animal sciences. Gut health encompasses a number of physiological and functional features. Nutrient digestion and absorption, host metabolism and energy generation, a stable microbiome, mucus layer development, barrier function, and mucosal immune responses; all of which are required to interact to make an animal perform physiologically and according to its greatest genetic potential. This carefully presented book broadens our vision, approach and results on gut health and the ability to regulate animal production. Understanding the chemistry of microbiomes has broad implications, including providing functional annotations for the microbial genomes, insights into the chemical languages that link microbes to each other and to their host, and translational implications for precision veterinary medicine, environmental health, and sustainable animal agriculture and welfare. Experts working in microbiome research, host immunity, and animal production, veterinarians and researchers in livestock science will understand the great importance of this volume.


Table of Contents

1 Managing Intestinal Health in Farm Animals: A Critical View

2 Gastrointestinal Tract Barrier Efficiency: Function and Threats

3 Enzymes and Gut Health in Monogastric Animals: Effects Beyond Digestibility

4 Butyrate and Intestinal Homeostasis: Effects on the Intestinal Microbiota and Epithelial Hypoxia

5 Gut Microbiome and Poultry Health

6 The Gut Mycobiome and Animal Health

7 Influence of Sow Gut Microbiota on Colostrum and Piglet Performance

8 Porcine Gut Microbiota and Host Interactions During the Transition from the Suckling to Postweaning Phase

9 The Unseen Minority: Biogeographical Investigations of the Ruminant Gastrointestinal Microbiome Highlight the Importance of Frequently Ignored Anatomical Regions

10 The Role of Farm Environment and Management in Shaping the Gut Microbiota of Poultry

11 Role of Early Life Intestinal Microbiota in Modulating Immunity in Broiler Chickens

12 Adaptive Poultry Gut Capacity to Resist Oxidative Stress

13 Immunological Mechanisms of Probiotics in Chickens

14 Pre- and Probiotic Effects on Innate Immunity and Metabolism in Cattle and Swine

15 Gut Microbiota and the Gut–Brain Axis in Neonatal Calves: Implications for Psychobiotic Usage for Stress Regulation

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