Food Science and Technology

Food Science and Technology PDF

By Geoffrey Campbell-Platt

Food Science and Technology Book PDF is designed to cover all the essential elements of food science and technology, including all core aspects of major food science and technology degree programs being taught worldwide.

Food Science and Technology, supported by the International Union of Food Science and Technology comprises 21 chapters, carefully written in a user-friendly style by 30 eminent industry experts, teachers and researchers from across the world. All authors are recognised experts in their respective fields, and together represent some of the world’s leading universities and international food science and technology organisations.

Expertly drawn together, produced and edited, Food Science and Technology provides the following:

  • Coverage of all the elements of food science and technology degree programs internationally
  • Essential information for all professionals in the food industry worldwide
  • Chapters written by authoritative, internationally respected contributing authors
  • A must-have reference book for libraries in every university, food science and technology research institute, and food company globally
Table of Contents

List of Contributors

1 Introduction Geoffrey Campbell-Platt

2 Food Chemistry Richard A. Frazier

3 Food Analysis Heinz-Dieter Isengard, Gertrud Morlock and Dietmar Breithaupt

4 Food Biochemistry Brian C. Bryksa and Rickey Y. Yada

5 Food Biotechnology Cherl-Ho Lee and Hyun-Jin Park

6 Food Microbiology Tim Aldsworth, Christine E.R. Dodd and Will Waites

7 Numerical Procedures R. Paul Singh

8 Food Physics Keshavan Niranjan, Dario Iker Tellez-Medina and Gustavo Fidel Gutierrez-Lopez

9 Food Processing Jianshe Chen and Andrew Rosenthal

10 Food Engineering R. Paul Singh

11 Food Packaging Gordon L. Robertson

12 Nutrition C. Jeya Henry and Lis Ahlstrom

13 Sensory Evaluation Herbert Stone and Rebecca N. Bleibaum

14 Statistical Analysis Herbert Stone and Rebecca N. Bleibaum

15 Quality Assurance and Legislation David Jukes

16 Regulatory Toxicology Gerald C. Moy

17 Food Business Management: Principles and Practice Michael Bourlakis, David B. Grant and Paul Weightman

18 Food Marketing Takahide Yamaguchi

19 Product Development Ray Winder

20 Information Technology Jeremy D. Selman

21 Communication and Transferable Skills


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