Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals 2nd Edition


Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals 2nd Edition PDF

Electrocardiography Of Laboratory Animals 2Nd Edition Pdf Pdf

By Jeffrey Richig and Meg Sleeper

Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals PDF 2nd Edition is the only publication covering electrocardiography of laboratory animals. With countries instituting requirements for the care of laboratory animals in research, this publication offers a standard on performing and analyzing ECGs. Topics covered include safety electrocardiography, toxicology, safety pharmacology, and telemetry, all important areas of discussion for biological and medical researchers, veterinarians, zoologists, and students who need to understand the electrocardiography of five species of animals used in research: canines, nonhuman primates, mini pigs, rodents (rats and mice), rabbits and cats.

  • Offers guidance in interpretation of laboratory animal ECGs by animal type
  • Provides comparisons of ECGs across animal species
  • Includes coverage of three animal species: canines, nonhuman primates and mini pigs, also including three additional species: rodents (rats and mice), rabbits and cats
  • Supports adherence to FDA requirements of ECG performance and qualitative analysis on large laboratory animals

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Table of Contents
1. Electrocardiography in preclinical safety
2. Fundamental principles of electrocardiography
3. Electrocardiography of rodents
4. Electrocardiography of rabbits
5. Electrocardiography of cats
6. Electrocardiography of dogs
7. Handling and restraint of non-human primates
8. Electrocardiography of non-human primates
9. Electrocardiography of neonates/juveniles
10. Electrocardiography of minipigs
11. Telemetry in preclinical safety studies
12. PR (PQ), QRS, QT and other issues

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