Current Therapy in Medicine of Australian Mammals

Current Therapy in Medicine of Australian Mammals

By Larry Vogelnest and Timothy Portas

Current Therapy in Medicine of Australian Mammals PDF provides an update on Australian mammal medicine. Although much of the companion volume, Medicine of Australian Mammals, is still relevant and current, there have been significant advances in Australian mammal medicine and surgery since its publication in 2008. The two texts together remain the most comprehensive source of information available in this field.
This volume is divided into two sections. The first includes comprehensive chapters on general topics and topics relevant to multiple taxa. Several new topics are presented including: wildlife health in Australia and the important role veterinarians play in Australia’s biosecurity systems; medical aspects of native mammal reintroductions and translocations; disease risk analysis; wildlife rehabilitation practices in Australia with an emphasis on welfare of animals undergoing rehabilitation; management of overabundant populations; immunology; and stress physiology. The second section provides updates on current knowledge relevant to specific taxa. Several appendices provide useful reference data and information on clinical reference ranges, recommended venipuncture sites, chemical restraint agent doses and regimens, a drug formulary and dental charts.
Written by Australian experts, Current Therapy in Medicine of Australian Mammals is clinically oriented, with emphasis on practical content with easy-to-use reference material. It is a must-have for veterinarians, students, biologists, zoologists and wildlife carers and other wildlife professionals. This volume also complements, updates and utilises the resources of other books such as Radiology of Australian Mammals (Vogelnest and Allan 2015), Pathology of Australian Native Wildlife (Ladds 2009), Haematology of Australian Mammals (Clark 2004) and Australian Mammals: Biology and Captive Management (Jackson 2003), all CSIRO Publishing publications.

Table of Contents
List of contributors
1 Wildlife health in Australia
2 Veterinary aspects of native mammal conservation translocations
3 Disease risk analysis for wildlife translocations
4 Wildlife rehabilitation practices in Australia
5 Assessment and management of reproduction in Australian monotremes and marsupials;
6 Management of overabundant populations
7 Monotreme, marsupial and bat immunology
8 Stress physiology of Australian mammals
9 Capture, physical and chemical restraint
10 Surgery
11 Pharmacology
12 Dermatology
13 Dentistry
14 Nutrition
15 Paediatrics
16 Zoonoses
17 Antimicrobial resistance
18 Neoplasia
19 Plant and other toxicoses
20 Emerging infectious diseases
21 Toxoplasmosis
22 Mycobacteriosis
23 Marsupial herpesviruses
24 Neural angiostrongyliasis
25 Cryptococcosis
26 Haemoprotozoan parasites
27 Platypus
28 Short-beaked echidna
29 Coccidiosis in short-beaked echidnas
30 Macropods
31 Macropod progressive periodontal disease (‘lumpy jaw’)
32 Koala
33 Koala retrovirus
34 Chlamydiosis in koalas
35 Veterinary involvement in the research and management of free-ranging koala populations
36 Wombats
37 Possums and gliders
38 Dasyurids and the numbat
39 Devil facial tumour disease
40 Bandicoots and the greater bilby
41 Bats
42 Hendra virus
43 Rodents
44 Pinnipeds
45 Cetaceans
46 Dugong
Colour plates
Appendix 1. Clinical pathology and physiological values
Appendix 2. Blood collection sites
Appendix 3. Suggested chemical restraint agents, regimens and doses
Appendix 4. Drug formulary Appendix
5. Dentition charts for selected Australian mammal FamiliesAppendix
6. Abbreviations

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