Clinical Handbook on Canine Dermatology, 3rd Edition

This book is a truly original manual of canine dermatology.
Many dermatological guides or handbooks are available and may be pleasant to read and convey a good understanding of canine dermatoses. However, this book puts forward a quite novel and stimulating approach.
Pierre JASMIN, its author, has developed the concept of classifying the dermatoses in a special way which facilitates the clinical approach. He distinguishes three groups of cutaneous diseases: first, a group of infectious and parasitic, primary or secondary dermatoses which are considered initially. A second group containing the most common primary dermatoses is then presented and, finally, a third group of rare primary dermatoses is considered. His practical approach is thus applied sequentially from group 1 through to group 3. These three steps are modulated according to the age of the animal, enabling dermatoses of young dogs to be distinguished from those of adult dogs.
A diagnostic approach to otitis externa is proposed separately.
This original and efficient approach is complemented by summaries of the essential elements of every dermatological consultation: history-taking and the clinical examination. Finally, Dr. JASMIN reviews one of the most useful but least understood of the dermatological complementary examination procedures: cutaneous histopathology.
An important feature is the presentation of the common dermatoses as monographs in the middle section of the handbook.
These diseases are reviewed in a concise and consistent manner covering definition and general information, aetiology and pathogenesis, epidemiology, clinical signs, diagnosis and, of course, treatment. Case follow-up and prognosis are considered at the end of each monograph.
This practical, rigorous and well-illustrated document provides a fertile source for the student and the aspiring clinician, as well as the experienced practitioner already interested in dermatology. It provides rapid access to a wide range of knowledge and data, relevant to dermatological practice and in this way simplifies and facilitates the diagnostic approach to dermatological cases.
This book should find a place in the clinic of every canine veterinary surgeon positioned for ready reference as the problems of canine dermatology are encountered in daily practice.
This edition has included new information on many dermatoses and recent advances on otitis externa. The practicability remains unchanged, of course, and the need for a 3rd edition demonstrates the usefulness of Dr Jasmin’s approach in every day practice. Both students and veterinary clinicians will have at their disposal an updated tool of great quality and readily usable.

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