Pests and Parasites of Horses

Pests And Parasites Of Horses Pdf

By Christopher J. Geden, Emma N.I. Weeks, and Erika T. Machtinger

Pests and Parasites of Horses PDF. Many pests and parasites affect horses, mules, and donkeys. The pests range from flies to ticks, to parasitic worms. This is the first time a resource is available for equine enthusiasts to learn about pest identification, ecology, and management. This book covers the major pests of horses in the United States and Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, along with the veterinary conditions and recommended care associated with these pests. Detailed photographs help to identify species and perform management tasks. The book shows practical, science-based control methods, and includes a glossary for reference, as well as a brief introduction to basic entomology. It includes a sample integrated pest management plan that readers can personalize for pest control. This book will be a useful resource for horse riders, trainers, owners, caretakers, and general equine enthusiasts, students in animal sciences, veterinary sciences, parasitology, horse care courses, or horse training programs.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Chapter 1. Introduction to ‘Pests and parasites of horses’

Chapter 2. Basic information on pests and parasites of horses

Chapter 3. Fly pests that develop in manure and waste

Chapter 4. Fly pests that develop in water

Chapter 5. Pests that develop and live on horses (ectoparasites)

Chapter 6. Pests found in pastures and forage

Chapter 7. Other insect pests of horses

Chapter 8. Beneficial and harmless arthropods

Chapter 9. Parasitic worms of horses

Chapter 10. Guidelines for equine pest control

Chapter 11. Summary

Back Matter

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