Biotechnology Academic Cell Update


Biotechnology Academic Cell Update

Biotechnology Academic Cell Update Pdf

By David P. Clark and Nanette Pazdernik

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Basics of biotechnology

CHAPTER 2 DNA, RNA, and protein

CHAPTER 3 Recombinant DNA technology

CHAPTER 4 DNA synthesis in vivo and in vitro

CHAPTER 5 RNA-based technologies

CHAPTER 6 Immune technology

CHAPTER 7 Nanobiotechnology

CHAPTER 8 Genomics and gene expression

CHAPTER 9 Proteomics

CHAPTER 10 Recombinant proteins

CHAPTER 11 Protein engineering

CHAPTER 12 Environmental biotechnology

CHAPTER 13 Pathway engineering

CHAPTER 14 Transgenic plants and plant biotechnology

CHAPTER 15 Transgenic animals

CHAPTER 16 Inherited defects

CHAPTER 17 Gene therapy

CHAPTER 18 Molecular biology of cancer

CHAPTER 19 Noninfectious diseases

CHAPTER 20 Aging and apoptosis

CHAPTER 21 Bacterial infections

CHAPTER 22 Viral and prion infections

CHAPTER 23 Biowarfare and bioterrorism

CHAPTER 24 Forensic molecular biology

CHAPTER 25 Bioethics in biotechnology

BIOTECHNOLOGY Multiple-choice answer key



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