Frontiers in Aquaculture Biotechnology

Frontiers in Aquaculture Biotechnology PDF Download

By W.S. Lakra, Mukunda Goswami and Vance Trudeau

Frontiers in Aquaculture Biotechnology PDF Book presents a broad-spectrum of topics, covering different key aspects of aquaculture. With the rising importance of aquaculture research, evidence-based information is integral in advancing this field. This book provides a solid resource of information on DNA barcoding for fish species authentication and seafood labelling and cell culture, including stem cell culture, in vitro research using fish cell lines such as in vitro fish meat, reproductive biotechnology, including surrogate technology, gene editing and genetically modified aquaculture species, biofloc technology, and omic technologies such as proteomics, artificial intelligence and biobanking.

This book will be a valuable resource to students, researchers and entrepreneurs interested in a better understanding of this emerging field of aquaculture.

  • Presents hot topic information such as cell line repositories for the conservation of important fish genetic resources
  • Includes information on climate resilient production systems to improve fish production
  • Provides the latest research on genome editing in aquaculture species

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