Cell and Molecular Biology of the Cytoskeleton

Cell and Molecular Biology of the Cytoskeleton PDF

By J.W. Shay

Cell and Molecular Biology of the Cytoskeleton PDF focuses on the three major fibrous proteins in the cytoplasm that are collectively known as the cytoskeletal sys­ tem. These polymorphic cytoskeletal proteins are microtubules (25-nm diam­ eter), microfilaments (6-nm diameter), and intermediate filaments (l O-nm diameter). Microtubules consist of tubulin and several well-characterized mi­ crotubule-associated proteins (MAPs) such as MAPl, MAP2, and tau. Micro­ filaments consist of actin and associate with actin-binding proteins, including alpha-actinin, filamin, myosin, tropomyosin, vinculin, and others. Intermedi­ ate filaments consist of at least five different tissue-specific classes, including desmin or skeletin (muscle), prekeratin (epithelial), vimentin (mesenchymal), neurofilament (nerve), and glial acidic fibrillary protein (astrocytes). In this volume distinguished researchers in the field cover the interaction of these fibrous proteins, not only with each other and other cytoplasmic components, but also with such biological processes as cell shape changes, growth, motility, secretion, and division. These comprehensive reviews ex­ plore the cytoskeleton’s molecular, biochemical, and structural properties with an emphasis on their manifestation in the living cell.
Table of Contents

Front Matter

Probing the Cytoskeleton by Microinjection

Structural Aspects of Intermediate Filaments

The Structure and Evolution of Intermediate Filament Genes

Differential Expression of the Genes Encoding the Keratins of Cultured Human Epidermal Cells

Organization and Expression of the Vimentin and Desmin Genes


The Actin Genes in Caenorhabditis elegans

Implications of Microtubule Polarity for Microtubule Function

Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Tubulin Synthesis

Regulation of Tubulin Expression in Brain

Tubulins from Plants, Fungi, and Protists

Back Matter

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