Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing, and Leading Biotech Companies

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Starting, Managing, and Leading Biotech Companies PDF

By Craig Shimasaki

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing, and Leading Biotech Companies PDF. As an authoritative guide to biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship, Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Management supports the international community in training the biotechnology leaders of tomorrow.

Outlining fundamental concepts vital to graduate students and practitioners entering the biotech industry in management or in any entrepreneurial capacity, Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Management provides tested strategies and hard-won lessons from a leading board of educators and practitioners.

It provides a ‘how-to’ for individuals training at any level for the biotech industry, from macro to micro. Coverage ranges from the initial challenge of translating a technology idea into a working business case, through securing angel investment, and in managing all aspects of the result: business valuation, business development, partnering, biological manufacturing, FDA approvals and regulatory requirements.

An engaging and user-friendly style is complemented by diverse diagrams, graphics and business flow charts with decision trees to support effective management and decision making.

  • Provides tested strategies and lessons in an engaging and user-friendly style supplemented by tailored pedagogy, training tips and overview sidebars
  • Case studies are interspersed throughout each chapter to support key concepts and best practices.
  • Enhanced by use of numerous detailed graphics, tables and flow charts
Table of Contents

Front Matter







Section I: Biotechnology Entrepreneurship

Section II: The Human Capital

Section III: The Technology

Section IV: The Emerging-Stage Biotechnology Company

Section V: Biotechnology Market Development

Section VI: The Financial Capital

Section VII: Biotechnology Product Development

Section VIII: The Later-Stage Biotechnology Company


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