The Fish Oocyte From Basic Studies to Biotechnological Applications

The Fish Oocyte From Basic Studies to Biotechnological Applications pdf

By Patrick J. Babin, Joan Cerdà and Esther Lubzens

The Fish Oocyte From Basic Studies to Biotechnological Applications PDF addresses the growing needs in deciphering the biological processes associated with fish reproduction, in view of the growth of aquaculture and the dwindling natural stocks of commercially important fish. It presents a comprehensive overview on egg production in fish, from the standpoint of the oocyte. With this view in mind, the book includes chapters on oocyte development (oogenesis), hormonal regulation and hormone receptors, formation of the egg envelopes, growth, accumulation of nutrients and maternal transcripts, maturation, hydration, ovulation and fertilization. A special emphasis is placed on using state-of-the-art tools including electron microscopy for discerning the ultra-structure of the follicle and genomic/proteomic tools to fully understand biological basis of fish reproduction. Studies on promoting oocyte maturation, ovulation and spawning in farmed fish and preservation of fish oocytes at low temperatures are also included.

The book will appeal to University lecturers, students, research scientists and those associated with culture of fish in freshwater or marine aquaculture.

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Table of Contents

Ultrastructural aspects of the ontogeny and differentiation of ray-finned fish ovarian follicles

Molecular aspects of oocyte vitellogenesis in fish

Zebrafish ovarian follicle transcriptome

Proteomics analysis of the developing fish oocyte

Oocyte zona pellucida proteins

Maternal factors in fish oogenesis and embryonic development

Gonadotropic regulation of oocyte development

Sex steroid hormone receptors in fish ovaries

Hormonal regulation of follicular atresia in teleost fish

Ecotoxicological effects of endocrine disrupting compounds on fish reproduction

Regulatory mechanisms of oocyte maturation and ovulation

Physiological and molecular basis of fish oocyte hydration

Fertilization and egg activation in fishes

Low-temperature preservation of fish gonad cells and oocytes

Promoting oocyte maturation, ovulation, and spawning in farmed fish

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