Basic Veterinary Immunology

Basic Veterinary Immunology

By Gerald N. Callahan and Robin M. Yates

Designed to fill the current gap in resources for teaching veterinary immunology, Basic Veterinary Immunology offers a solid background in the essentials of immunology within the context of veterinary medicine.

The book combines a clinical framework complete with real-world examples to integrate the theory and practice of veterinary medicine. Each chapter begins with a clinically relevant veterinary issue and then presents one aspect of basic immunology in the context of that issue. All chapters include learning objectives and a clinical correlation follow-up section that includes student considerations and a review of the possible explanations for the clinical presentation.

Illustrated with 250 full-color images and figures that will also be available as PowerPoint teaching aids, Basic Veterinary Immunology and related materials will be made available online to students, faculty, and clinical veterinarians in partnership with the Veterinary Information Network.

Basic Veterinary Immunology will provide students with a good working knowledge of veterinary immunology that will serve them both in the completion of their curricula and in professional practice.

Table of Contents
  1. Overview of mechanisms of defense
  2. Overview of the innate immune system
  3. Innate immune recognition
  4. The complement system
  5. Acute inflammation
  6. Innate cellular effector mechanisms
  7. Cells and organs of the adaptive immune system
  8. Antigens and antigen processing
  9. T-lymphocyte development
  10. T-cell activation
  11. B-cell development
  12. Adaptive immune responses to infections and immunological memory
  13. Fetal and neonatal immunity
  14. Vaccination
  15. Immune deficiencies and immune-mediated diseases
  16. The immune system and cancer
  17. Veterinary clinical laboratory immunology. Machine generated contents note

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