Atlas of Chick Development 3rd Edition PDF


Atlas of Chick Development 3rd Edition

Atlas Of Chick Development 3Rd Edition By Ruth Bellairs And Mark Osmond

By Ruth Bellairs and Mark Osmond

Atlas of chick development PDF is covering all major event of chick development, is extensively updated with new and more detailed photographs, enlargements showing regions of special-interest and complexity, and new illustrations. The revised text and expanded illustrative material describe the intricate changes that take place during development, together with accounts of recent experimental and molecular research that has transformed our understanding of morphogenesis.

These wide-ranging updates make this book an essential resource for developmental biologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, poultry scientists, biochemists, immunologists, and other life scientists who use the chick embryo as their research model. Individuals joining this burgeoning area, ignited by the increased insight into events surrounding organ and tissue differentiation, will find this a valuable tool to help grow a basic knowledge of morphogenesis.

  • Remains the established standard—the only book providing a comprehensive description of chick development from fertilization to hatching
  • Contains more than 750 photographs and illustrations, including 410 labelled histological sections and 85 new high-quality plates, showing the major anatomical events from the earliest stages to 13 days of incubation
  • Includes more than 200 labelled and detailed scanning electron micrographs, showing various tissues in great detail
  • Leads the reader to important reviews on aspects of this rapidly moving field, along with extensive and updated references

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Hen’s Egg and its Formation

The Reproductive Tract of the Hen

The Oviduct

The Ovulation Cycle in the Laying Hen

The Vitelline Membrane (Perivitelline Layer)

Transport of Materials Across the Vitelline Membrane

Albumen and the Chalazae

The Egg Shell and its Formation

The Laid Egg

Chapter 2. Techniques

‘Milking’ Hens

Storage of Eggs


Stages of Development

Labelling Techniques

Culture Techniques

Grafting and Transplants

IN Ovo Techniques

Preparation of Serial Sections


Common Abnormalities

Chapter 3. Early Stages

Fertilization and Pre-Laying

Normal Tables

The Early Post-Laying Stages

Gastrulation Movements

Ingression and Cell Migration Away from the Primitive Streak

Chapter 4. Establishment of the Embryonic Body

Head Process and Regression

The Tailbud

Neural Induction

Formation of the Neural Plate and Neural Tube

Regionalization of the Neural Tissue

Formation of the Notochord and Somites

The Lateral Plate Mesoderm and the Intermediate Mesoderm

The Neural Crest

Chapter 5. External Appearance and Polarity


Origin of the Limbs

Growth of the Embryo


Polarity: Symmetry and Asymmetry

Chapter 6. Heart, Blood Vessels and Lymphatics


Primary and Secondary Heart Fields

The Blood Vessels

Embryonic Blood Vessels

The Venous System

The Endothelial and Haemopoietic Stem Cells

The Lymphatics

Chapter 7. Urino-Genital System

The Urinary System

The Genital System

Chapter 8. Gut, Coelom and Respiratory System

Early Stages

The Intestines

The Coelom, Mesenteries and Respiratory System

The Respiratory Tract

Chapter 9. Nervous System

The Brain

Histology of the Spinal Cord and Development of the Fibre Tracts

Spinal Nerves

The Cranial Nerves and Ganglia

The Autonomic Nervous System

Organs of Special Sense

Chapter 10. Skeleton and Muscles


The Muscles

Chapter 11. The Integument

The Feathers

The Periderm

Beak and Claws

The Comb

The Uropygial Gland


Innervation and Sensory Receptors in the Integument

Chapter 12. Endocrine Glands

The Pituitary Gland

The Thyroid Gland

The Parathyroid Glands

The Adrenal Glands

The Pancreas

The Gonads

Gut Endocrine Cells

Chapter 13. Extra-Embryonic Membranes

The Yolk Sac

The Amnion and Chorion

The Chorioallantoic Membrane

Photographic Plates

Appendices. Normal Tables

Appendix I. Normal Table of Eyal-Giladi and Kochav (1975)

Appendix II. Normal Table of Hamburger and Hamilton (1951; 1992)

Appendix III. Additional Normal Tables



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