Advances in Poultry Genetics and Genomics

Advances in Poultry Genetics and Genomics

By Sammy E. Aggrey, Huaijun Zhou, Michèle Tixier-Boichard and Douglas D. Rhoads

Advances in Poultry Genetics and Genomics PDF. The poultry breeding sector faces a number of challenges, including the need to produce more resilient breeds in the face of disease, antibiotic resistance, increasing consumer concerns about bird health and welfare and expectations of meat and egg quality.

Advances in poultry genetics and genomics provides a comprehensive review of the recent developments in poultry genetics, breeding and genomics, focussing on the improvement of functional traits to build resilience, the use of genomic selection and its application in breeding improved layers and broilers, as well as the sector’s emerging trends such as epigenetics and genome editing.

With its distinguished editor team and international range of expert contributors, Advances in poultry genetics and genomics will be a standard reference for poultry scientists, companies involved in poultry breeding and government agencies supporting the poultry sector.

  • Particular focus on improving functional traits needed for more resilient poultry breeds
  • Comprehensive coverage of key advances in genomic selection and their practical application in breeding improved breeds of layers and broilers
  • Looks forward to emerging trends such as the use of epigenetics and genome editing
Table of Contents

Part 1 Poultry domestication, genetics and physiology
1. The origin and domestication of poultry species

2. Molecular identification of major morphological mutations in poultry

3. The genetic basis for pigmentation phenotypes in poultry

4. Physiological challenges in poultry breeding

Part 2 Genetics and genomics of complex traits

5. Genetics and genomics of meat quality traits in poultry species

6. Genetics and genomics of egg production traits in poultry species

7. Genetics and genomics of feed utilization efficiency in poultry species

8. Genetics and genomics of behavioral and welfare traits in poultry species

9. Genetics and genomics of immunity and disease traits in poultry species

10. Genetics and genomics of skeletal traits

Part 3 Use of omics in poultry breeding

11. Theory of genome-wide association for QTL detection

12. Genomic selection using Bayesian methods

13. Genomic selection in poultry breeding using single-step genomic best linear unbiased prediction

14. Application of genomic selection (GS) in breeding commercial meat-type chickens

15. Application of genomic selection in commercial egg-type populations

16. Landscape genomics: application in poultry breeding

Part 4 Emerging issues and future challenges in poultry breeding;

17. Breeding for small-scale poultry farming

18. Poultry breeding for sustainability and plasticity in functional traits

19. The use of nutrigenomics in poultry breeding for sustainable production

20. The use of epigenetics in poultry breeding

21. The use of genome editing in poultry breeding

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