A Colour Atlas of Avian Anatomy

A Colour Atlas of Avian Anatomy PDF By J.McLelland

By J.McLelland

A Colour Atlas of Avian Anatomy PDF provides an introduction to how birds are constructed. It is concerned principally with the economically important species, but, where their anatomy significantly differ, the more common caged birds are dealt with. The book is planned around certain body systems including the integument and skeleton and digestive, urogenital and respiratory tracts. Lymphoid tissue, blood vessels and nerves are dealt with as they occur in association with these systems. In some instances, a straight topographical approach is taken. Most of the photographs are of fresh, unfixed material, some were taken with the aid of a dissecting microscope. The photographs are accompanied by a short text which identifies the various features and explains their function.

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Table of Contents

External Features and Integument


Digestive System

Urogenital System

Peritoneum and Peritoneal Cavities

Thorax and Neck

Respiratory System

Central Nervous System

Radiographic Anatomy.

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