Clinical Cases in Avian and Exotic Animal Hematology and Cytology

Clinical Cases in Avian and Exotic Animal Hematology and Cytology pdf

By Terry W. Campbell and Krystan R. Grant

Clinical Cases in Avian and Exotic Animal Hematology and Cytology PDF demonstrates how to use hemic cytology and cytodiagnosis as part of the assessment of an exotic animal patient, taking the reader through nearly 100 actual clinical cases. With a focus on cytological interpretation, the hands-on, practical approach facilitates learning, teaching, and comprehension. Well illustrated throughout, Clinical Cases in Avian and Exotic Animal Hematology and Cytology is a helpful guide for exotics veterinarians, zoo and aquarium veterinarians, and veterinary hematologists.

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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acronyms and Abbreviations xi

Section 1: Mammalian Hematology Case Studies

Case 1 A 6-year-old otter undergoing a routine physical examination 5

Case 2 A 10-year-old ferret with lethargy and anorexia 9

Case 3 A 6-year-old ferret with anorexia and lethargy 13

Case 4 A 2-year-old ferret with weight loss and lethargy 17

Case 5 A 3-year-old rabbit with anorexia 21

Case 6 A 6-year-old hedgehog with anorexia and ataxia 27

Case 7 A 7-year-old guinea pig with anorexia and decreased water intake 31

Case 8 A 31/2-year-old ferret with lethargy and weight loss 35

Section 2: Avian Hematology Case Studies

Case 9 A 1-year-old parrot with an acute onset of severe illness 45

Case 10 A 2-year-old chicken with lethargy inappetence and lack of egg laying 49

Case 11 A 14-year-old macaw with feather-picking behavior and weight loss 53

Case 12 A 14-year-old parrot with weakness anorexia and labored breathing 57

Case 13 A 4-year-old parrot with anorexia weakness and lethargy 61

Case 14 An adult vulture with generalized weakness 65

Case 15 A 2-year-old tragopan with wounds 67

Case 16 A 5-month-old chicken with lethargy 69

Case 17 A 4-year-old budgerigar with generalized weakness and breathing heavily 73

Case 18 A 41/2-year-old duck with acute dyspnea 75

Case 19 A 14-year-old falcon with anorexia 79

Case 20 An 8-month-old hawk with anorexia weakness and vomiting 83

Case 21 A juvenile kestrel with a drooping right wing and blood in the left nares 89

Section 3: Herptile Hematology Case Studies

Case 22 A 20-year-old turtle with lethargy and anorexia 95

Case 23 A 3-year-old lizard with lethargy and keeping the eyes closed 101

Case 24 An 18-month-old lizard with an oral mass 105

Case 25 A 35-year-old tortoise with anorexia lethargy and constipation 111

Case 26 An adult turtle with a fractured carapace and leg laceration 117

Case 27 A 2-year-old lizard with anorexia and weight loss 121

Section 4: Fish Hematology Case Studies

Case 28 An adult stingray with weight loss and lethargy 127

Case 29 An adult stingray undergoing a routine physical examination 131

Section 5: Mammalian Cytology Case Studies

Case 30 A 6-year-old guinea pig with excessive drinking and urination soft stools and weight loss 137

Case 31 A 2-year-old rat with diarrhea dry skin and squinting eye 143

Case 32 A 6-year-old tiger with two masses in her mouth 147

Case 33 A 10-year-old lion with weight loss and lethargy 151

Case 34 A 51/2-year-old ferret presented for a presurgical evaluation 155

Case 35 A 4-year-old ferret with a tail mass 159

Case 36 A 5-year-old rabbit with a mass near the left nostril 163

Case 37 A 1-year-old chinchilla with a closed eye 167

Case 38 A 5-year-old ferret with a swollen head 169

Case 39 A 2-year-old rat with a swelling around the left inguinal area 173

Case 40 A 5-year-old ferret with lethargy dyspnea diarrhea polyuria and polydypsia 175

Case 41 A 3-year-old guinea pig with anorexia and decreased water intake 179

Case 42 A 9-year-old ferret with a mass on the ear 181

Case 43 A 3-year-old ferret with lethargy and weight loss 183

Case 44 A 3-month-old ferret with a prolapsed rectum 187

Case 45 A 21/2-year-old gerbil with lethargy and anorexia 193

Case 46 A 5-year-old guinea pig with an ulcerated swelling in the abdominal area 195

Case 47 A 6-year-old ferret with pawing at the mouth 199

Case 48 A 7-year-old ferret with bilateral alopecia 203

Section 6: Avian Cytology Case Studies

Case 49 A 20-year-old parrot with dyspnea weight loss and persistent ascites 209

Case 50 An 11-year-old cockatiel with a mass in the ear 213

Case 51 A 4-year-old cockatiel with a swollen head 215

Case 52 An adult owl with a swollen elbow 219

Case 53 A 2-year-old macaw with left leg lameness 221

Case 54 A 6-year-old lovebird with dystocia 225

Case 55 A 5-year-old parrot with dyspnea 227

Case 56 A 2-year-old macaw with anorexia and weight loss 235

Case 57 An adult goose with a mass on the wing 241

Case 58 A 14-year-old budgerigar with lethargy and anorexia 245

Case 59 A 35-year-old parrot with weight loss and dyspnea 249

Case 60 A 29-year-old parrot with halitosis and reduced vocalization 253

Case 61 A 6-month-old cockatiel with labored breathing 257

Case 62 A 13-year-old parrot with a prolapsed cloaca 259

Case 63 A 17-year-old cockatoo with broken blood feathers 265

Case 64 An adult duck with a mass on the rhinotheca 271

Case 65 A 3-month-old flamingo with a mass on the rhinotheca 277

Section 7: Herptile Cytology Case Studies

Case 66 A 2-year-old lizard with difficulty breathing 281

Case 67 A 3-year-old lizard with vomiting and weight loss 285

Case 68 A 9-year-old lizard with a mass near the vent 287

Case 69 A 19-year-old lizard with a large mass on its leg 289

Case 70 An 11-year-old lizard with an oral mass 293

Case 71 A 10-year-old snake with a coelomic mass and concern of intestinal impaction 297

Case 72 A 9-month-old lizard with anorexia and weight loss 299

Case 73 A 6-year-old lizard with a tail mass 301

Case 74 A 27-year-old snake with a snout lesion 305

Case 75 A 1-year-old lizard with multiple infections 309

Case 76 An adult snake with severe dyspnea 311

Case 77 An adult newt with a white skin lesion 315

Case 78 An adult frog in a moribund condition 317

Case 79 A 10-year-old lizard with anorexia 321

Section 8: Fish Cytology Case Studies

Case 80 An adult eel with anorexia and skin lesions 325

Case 81 A 11/2-year-old goldfish with dropsy 329

Case 82 A 6-year-old fish with a red mass protruding from the vent 333

Case 83 An adult stingray with skin masses 335

Case 84 An adult fish with a mass projecting from the gills 339

Case 85 A 5-year-old fish with bloating and constipation 341

Case 86 An adult fish with lesions around its mouth 345

Case 87 An adult fish with a large red mass on its belly 349

Case 88 A 3-year-old fish with a growth below the eye 351

Case 89 An adult fish with increased gilling and eye lesions 355

Case 90 A fish that is a sole survivor of a massive fish die-off 357

Case 91 An adult stingray presented for examination for coccidia 359

Case 92 An adult fish with a large mass on its operculum 361

Case 93 An adult fish with a mass on its side 365

Case 94 An adult fish with ulcerative skin lesions 367

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Index 373

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