Try the Rabbit, A Practical Guide

Try The Rabbit, A Practical Guide Pdf

By Stephen Opoku Adjare

From Preface,

Try the Rabbit, A Practical Guide PDF is based on the practical experience of a layman who has kept rabbits since 1957. I am sure that over three decades of practical experience are worth documenting for the benefit of those who wish to begin rearing rabbits as an income-generating activity.
In Ghana we are living through difficult times. In 1983 this country experienced one of the worst droughts this century, accompanied by the inevitable hunger and migration. Since then, there has been little im­provement in the economy; the value of the currency continues to fall, young people are faced with unemployment or the prospect of leaving the country to find work elsewhere, traders are losing their livelihood and the urban poor are being forced back onto the land. The man who once lived in a well-watered, forested land is now searching for a job in a desert. The same picture could be applied to much of the West African region.

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