Urinalysis: A Clinical Guide to Compassionate Patient Care

Urinalysis: A Clinical Guide to Compassionate Patient Care

By Carl A. Osborne and Jerry B Stevens

Urinalysis: A Clinical Guide to Compassionate Patient Care Book PDF. Bayer is proud to sponsor, which has been written to help veterinary professionals broaden their ability to care for patients. This book contains state-of-the-art information on the best methods for interpreting urinalysis results and for managing urinary tract infections. Urinalysis is an important diagnostic tool that provides valuable information about the status of an animal. The study of urine has been the subject of literature since ancient times. Sumerian and Babylonian physicians wrote about changes in the color and character of urine and made suggestions as to diagnosis and treatment as long ago as 4000 BC During the latter part of the fifth century BC, the great physician Hippocrates wrote, “One can obtain considerable information concerning the general trends by examining the urine.” His influence ensured the continued study of urine as a diagnostic rool by medical scholars throughout the centuries. Today, macroscopic and microscopic examination of urine can provide not only diagnostic and prognostic information but may also be used as an index of therapeutic success. The accurate interpretation of the urine requires an understanding of physiologic processes governing urine formation as well as proper laboratory methods. Drs. Carl A. Osborne and Jerry B. Stevens, internationally recognized leaders in the study of urinalysis, present their knowledge in a practical and usable format. Bayer has celebrated a century in the medical field and more than 75 years of animal health involvement, with research and development leading to the creation of new products that satisfy the need of veterinary practitioners and surgeons. Bayer’s commitment to the veterinary profession, however, goes beyond the introduction of pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and diagnostics. Urinalysis: A Clinical Guide to Compassionate Patient Care i one in a series of books sponsored by Bayer that targets areas of clinical relevance in the veterinarian’s quest for practical knowledge. This series of publications is an example of our commitment to the veterinary community through our support of independent research in various specialties of veterinary medicine and in the dissemination of information on major areas of scientific interest. We are deeply grateful to Drs. Osborne and Stevens for the tremendous efforts that led to the production of this book, one that i sure to be considered the authoritative guide for many years to come.

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The target audience is broad, embracing specialists, residents and interns in veterinary clinical pathology and small animal internal medicine and veterinary practitioners, students, technicians and medical technologists. This manual enhances competency and is an essential resource for anyone who performs or interprets urinalyses from domestic animals.

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