The Welfare of Fish

The Welfare of Fish

By Tore S. Kristiansen, Anders Fernö, Michail A. Pavlidis and Hans van de Vis

The Welfare of Fish PDF investigates how fish experience their lives, their amazing senses and abilities, and how human actions impact their quality of life. The authors examine the concept of fish welfare and the scientific knowledge behind the inclusion of fish within the moral circle, and how this knowledge can change the way we treat fish in the future. In many countries fish are already protected by animal welfare legislation in the same way as mammals, but in practice there is still a major gap between how we ethically view these groups and how we actually treat them. The poor treatment of fish represents a massive animal welfare problem in aquaculture and fisheries, both in terms of the number of animals affected and the severity of the welfare issues.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary scope, this thought-provoking book appeals to professionals, academics and students in the fields of animal welfare, cognition and physiology, as well as fisheries and aquaculture management.

Table of Contents

A Brief Look into the Origins of Fish Welfare Science

Ethics and the Welfare of Fish

The Diverse World of Fishes

Fish Behaviour: Determinants and Implications for Welfare

The Effects of Early Life Experience on Behavioural Development in Captive Fish Species

Fish Brains: Anatomy, Functionality, and Evolutionary Relationships

Inside the Fish Brain: Cognition, Learning and Consciousness

Awareness in Fish

The Predictive Brain: Perception Turned Upside Down

Can Fish Experience Pain?

How Fish Cope with Stress?

Individual Variations and Coping Style

Assessing Fish Welfare in Aquaculture

Welfare of Farmed Fish in Different Production Systems and Operations

Ornamental Fish and Aquaria

Fish as Laboratory Animals

Catch Welfare in Commercial Fisheries

Fish Welfare in Capture-Based Aquaculture (CBA)

Fish Welfare in Recreational Fishing

Impacts of Human-Induced Pollution on Wild Fish Welfare

What Have We Learned?

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