Bacterial Fish Diseases: Environmental and Economic Constraints

Bacterial Fish Diseases, Environmental and Economic Constraints PDF

By Gowhar Dar, Rouf Bhat, Humaira Qadri, Khalid M. Al-Ghamdi and Khalid Hakeem

Bacterial Fish Diseases: Environmental and Economic Constraints PDF will be useful for researchers and academics who need to understand the nature and consequences of bacteria-related disease in fishes. It has in-depth information on the complete genome of various bacterial species and identifies an essential number of virulence genes that affect the pathogenic potential of the bacteria in fish. Users will find the most relevant information derived from the available bacterial genomes concerning virulence and the diverse virulence factors that actively participate in host adherence, colonization and infection, including structural components, extracellular factors, secretion systems, iron acquisition and quorum sensing mechanisms. This reference is beneficial for understanding economic losses due to bacterial pathogens in fish fauna and its impact on the economy. It addition, it provides information on good aquaculture practices and how to scientifically manage aquaculture and fishery sectors.

  • Presents bacteria-related diseases in fish species, highlighting problems associated with the culturing of fish
  • Discusses pollution contamination in freshwater ecosystems to provide insights into the sustainable management of fish species
  • Provides fundamental research concepts of fish health, along with practical research methods

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