Strategies for Successful Animal Shelters


Strategies for Successful Animal Shelters

Strategies For Successful Animal Shelters Pdf

By Laura A. Reese

Strategies for Successful Animal Shelters Book PDF is the first book to assess the relationship between shelter traits, activities and critical outcome variables, such as live release or save rates. This book provides a data-based evaluation of shelter processes and practices with explicit recommendations for improved shelter activities. Using a survey of licensed animal shelters, case studies, and data on state inspections, complaints, and save rates, this book provides an assessment of the activities, processes, and procedures that are most likely to lead to positive outcomes for a variety of animal shelters.

The book also contributes to community debate around animal sheltering and provides best practices, methods and means to assess local shelters to ensure the highest level of animal welfare. It is a valuable resource for animal shelter professionals and rescue groups, as well as students in disciplines such as animal science, animal welfare and shelter medicine.

  • Offers best-practice recommendations and how they are used in animal shelters
  • Analyzes which shelter traits, programs and activities are most strongly associated with optimal outcomes, including live release rates
  • Includes an assessment of future research and activities to optimize animal welfare within shelters

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Table of Contents

1 – The Difference a Shelter Makes: A Tale of Two Aces

2 – Best Practices in Animal Sheltering

3 – Methodology

4 – Activities and Practices

5 – Relationships Among Shelter Traits and Activities

6 – Which Shelter Activities are Associated With Positive Outcomes?

7 – At the Speed of Trust: Profiles of the Most Improved Shelters

8 – There are Many Ways to be the Best: Profiles of the Most Successful Shelters

9 – The Many Paths to Success: It’s a Journey Not a Destination

Appendix A – Michigan Animal Shelter Registration Application

Appendix B – Animal Shelter Annual Report

Appendix C – Survey


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