The BHS Veterinary Manual 2nd Edition

The Bhs Veterinary Manual 2Nd Edition Pdf Download

By P Stewart Hastie and Philip Ivens

The BHS Veterinary Manual 2nd Edition PDF. Authoritative, comprehensive and practical, this fully updated and revised edition includes new material on: Laminitis, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Body Condition Scoring, Biosecurity including Yard Biosecurity plans and National Biosecurity plans; and a brief overview on international horse movements. Also included are sections on Exotic Diseases, Equine Grass Sickness, Atypical Myopathy and an update on RAO (COPD). The BHS Veterinary Manual is a companion volume to The BHS Complete Manual of Stable Management and indirectly to The BHS Complete Manual of Equitation. They are intended primarily for examination students but should also be essential reading for all who care about and care for the horse.

Table of Contents
Title Page
Preface to the First Edition
PART 1: The Healthy Horse: Anatomy and Physiology
1. Evolution and Behaviour
2. The Equine Senses
3. Introduction to Anatomy
4. Introduction to Physiology
5. The Respiratory System
6. The Cardiovascular System
7. The Lymphatic System
8. The Teeth
9. The Digestive System
10. The Endocrine System
11. The Nervous System
12. The Urinary System
13. The Reproductive System
14. The Skin
15. The Eye
16. Conformation
17. The Locomotor System
18. Functional Controls
19. Signs of Health.
PART 2: Diseases of the Horse
20. Disease
21. Immunology
22. Equine Genetic Disease
23. Diseases of the Cardiovascular System
24. Diseases of the Lymphatic System
25. Diseases of the Respiratory System
26. Dental Problems
27. Diseases of the Digestive System
28. Diseases of the Urinary System
29. Diseases of the Reproductive System
30. Diseases of the Nervous System
31. Poisons and Poisoning (Toxicology)
32. Skin Diseases
33. Eye Diseases
PART 3: Lameness: Understanding and Detecting
34. Dis-ease of the Locomotor System
35. Lameness Detection
36. Lameness Specific Conditions
PART 4: Veterinary Aspects of Horse Management
37. First Aid and Wound Management
38. Biosecurity (Philip Ivens)
39. Diseases Exotic to the UK (Philip Ivens)
40. Nursing the Sick Horse
41. Fittening
42. Nutrition
43. Care of the Older Horse

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