Breeding and Culture of Freshwater Ornamental Fish

Breeding and Culture of Freshwater Ornamental Fish PDF

By Archana Sinha and Pramod Kumar Pandey

Breeding and Culture of Freshwater Ornamental Fish PDF Book deals with recent scenario and technology of freshwater ornamental fish. The book contains 15 chapters including FAQ and suggested readings. The book covers in depth subjects such as status, breeding techniques, food and health management and marketing of freshwater ornamental fishes. There is a separate chapter on breeding of indigenous freshwater ornamental fishes. Emphasis is given on national and international legislation related to ornamental fish export and import. The book contains a useful chapter on the importance and role of ornamental plants and accessories. Aquarium making and decoration is well explained for a hobbyist. Water quality management and maintenance of aquarium have been dealt in great detail by the author as those are the important components of aquarium keeping. Packaging and transport of these fishes are dealt with proper explanation with view to promote proper trade of the ornamental fishes. Author has highlighted the behaviour and biology of important fishes and tried to link these aspects with captive management practices. FAQ and Suggested readings addvalues to the book, as they address many curiosities of the readers.

The way chapters are presented in the book, it makes it quite interesng and relevant to the present scenario. Photographs are very aracve.Students, sciensts, academicians, hobbyists and entrepreneurs will certainly enjoy and would be greatly bene?ted and enriched by reading this interesng and well wrien book as it addresses the concerns of each of them.

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