Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters 2nd Edition


Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters 2nd Edition

Infectious Disease Management In Animal Shelters 2Nd Edition Pdf

By Lila Miller , Stephanie Janeczko , Kate F. Hurley

Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters 2nd Edition PDF. Since the publication of the first edition of Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters in 2009, research and practice in the field of shelter medicine have advanced significantly. This updated second edition of that seminal work provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive guide to preventing, managing, and treating infectious diseases affecting cats, dogs and exotic small companion mammals in animal shelters.

Throughout the book, the authors—noted experts on the topic—bridge the gap between medicine (both individual and group) and management. The book is filled with practical strategies that draw on the latest research and evidence-based medicine as well as the authors’ personal experience in the field. While the text highlights strategies for the prevention of illness and mitigation of disease spread, the book also contains practical information on treatment and considerations for adoption. This important text:

  • Offers the only book dedicated to the topic of infectious disease management in shelters
  • Presents guidelines for general management and disease prevention and control in cats and dogs
  • Includes shelter medicine’s core principles of humane population management in the context of supporting shelters’ goals for preserving welfare, saving lives and protecting human health
  • Contains a new chapter on exotic companion mammals

Written for shelter veterinarians, managers, and workers, the revised second edition of Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters is the only book to focus exclusively on infectious diseases in the shelter setting, blending individual animal care with a unique herd health perspective.

Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xv

1 Introduction to Infectious Disease Management in

Animal Shelters 1

Kate F. Hurley and Lila Miller

2 Wellness 13

Brenda Griffin

3 Data Surveillance 46

Janet Scarlett

4 Diagnostic Testing 60

Brian A. DiGangi

5 Necropsy Techniques 94

Patricia A. Pesavento

6 Outbreak Management 113

Jeanette O’Quin

7 Pharmacology 143

Virginia R. Fajt

8 Sanitation 166

Cynthia Karsten

9 Canine and Feline Vaccinations and Immunology 191

Laurie J. Larson and Ronald D. Schultz

10 Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) 221

Elizabeth A. Berliner

11 Canine Distemper Virus 256

Sandra Newbury

12 Canine Influenza 274

Stephanie Janeczko

13 Feline Infectious Respiratory Disease 289

Annette Litster

14 Canine Parvovirus and Other Canine Enteropathogens 321

Erin Doyle

15 Feline Panleukopenia 337

Helen Tuzio

16 Feline Coronavirus and Feline Infectious Peritonitis 367

Elizabeth A. Berliner

17 Internal Parasites 393

Dwight D. Bowman, Araceli Lucio-Forster, and Stephanie Janeczko

18 Heartworm Disease 419

Martha Smith-Blackmore

19 External Parasites 443

Dwight D. Bowman, Araceli LucioForster, and Stephanie Janeczko

20 Dermatophytosis 462

Sandra Newbury

21 Zoonosis 500

Brian A. DiGangi and Lila Miller 500

22 Rabies 521

G. Robert Weedon and Catherine M. Brown

23 Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Viruses 546

Julie K. Levy

24 Exotic Companion Mammals (Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Rodents) 562

Jennifer Graham and S. Emmanuelle Knafo

Index 609

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