Small Animal Oncology An Introduction

Small Animal Oncology An Introduction PDF

By Susan M. North, Tania Ann Banks

Small Animal Oncology An Introduction PDF is A highly practical guide suitable for in-clinic reference, Small Animal Oncology has been designed for maximum ease of use and accessibility of information. Whilst giving clear and up-to-date briefing for the busy practitioner, it also is a valuable resource to the student with a special interest in oncology. This introduction gives an overview of cancer biology and explains the principles of available therapies. There is up to date discussion on new and developing techniques and treatments, and guidance on when these are indicated. The book covers all common, most less common and some rare aspects of small animal oncology.

  • accompanying Evolve website includes over 20 clinical cases to try your knowledge
  • all-round practical, useful, every day essential guide to small animal oncology
  • schematic approach gives quick access to information when you need it
  • explains biology and the basic principles as well as indicating treatment options

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Table of Contents




  1. The human-animal bond and why veterinary oncology is important
  2. An introduction to the principles of tumour biology
  3. Work-up of the cancer patient
  4. Principles of cytology and pathology
  5.  Concepts of oncology surgery
  6. Principles of chemotherapy
  7. Principles of radiation oncology
  8. Other treatment modalities
  9. Oncological emergencies
  10. Paraneoplastic syndromes
  11. Cancer pain
  12. Cancer nutrition
  13. Tumours of head and neck
  14. Tumours of the larynx and trachea, mediastinum, chest wall and cardiopulmonary system
  15. Tumours of the gastrointestinal tract and associated structures
  16. Tumours of the hepatobiliary system and exocrine pancreas
  17. Tumours of the urogenital tract
  18. Tumours of skin and subcutaneous tissues
  19. Mast cell tumours
  20. Sarcomas of the skin and subcutaneous tissues
  21. Tumours of the skeletal system
  22. Tumours of the haemolymphatic system
  23. Tumours of the spleen
  24. Tumours of the nervous system
  25. Tumours of the eye and retrobulbar space
  26. Tumours of the endocrine system
  27. Future directions


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