Regional and Surgical Anatomy of Bovines

Regional and Surgical Anatomy of Bovines PDF

By Tehseen Kousar Syed Sajjad Hussain

Regional and Surgical Anatomy of Bovines PDF has been compiled for the benefit of veterinary students and veterinary practitioners. Veterinarians can perform more efficiently if they have prior knowledge of the region they are operating upon. There are many books on systemic anatomy of domestic animals, whereas little attention has been paid towards regional! applied antomy.

A surgeon/practicing veterinarian is more concerned with applied/regional anatomy rather than systemic anatomy. Keeping this pressing requirement in view, an endeavour was made to prepare a manuscript that could help veterinary students and practicing field veterinarians to review, before hand, the structures encountered during a particular surgical operation.

The manuscript has been divided into seven chapters and at the end of each chapter common surgical operations, related to the chapter, with respect to anatomical considerations have been described.

One would find duplicacies at various places in this maunscirpt. This was unavoidable because there are many structures that are not confined to a single region e.g. vagus nerve which originates from brain in “The Head” region and extends through the cervical region or “The neck”, The Thorax to “The Abdomen”. During dissection, where ever it is visible, it needs some description. This way reader can see description in the region he is studying and has not to refer any particular region for this purpose. This Manuscript will not only be useful to the students, but this shall pave a way for field veterinary surgeons to perform surgical operations in animals with more certainty and with prior knowledge of surgical anatomy.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Head

Chapter 2 The Neck

Chapter 3 The Forelimb

Chapter 4 The Thorax

Chapter 5 The Abdomen

Chapter 6 The Hindlimb

Chapter 7 The Pelvic Region


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