Processed Meats, 2nd Edition

By A.M. Pearson and F.W. Tauber

Processed Meats, 2nd Edition PDF has been updated and expanded to give more complete coverage than the earlier edition. Like the earlier edition, it emphasizes basic scientific principles in­ volved in production of processed meat and poultry products. In addi­ tion, many product formulations and processing procedures that have been tested under commercial conditions are included. Intended as a university text for advanced undergraduate and grad­ uate students enrolled in the meat processing course, it is hoped that this book will also prove useful as a reference book to industry and government scientists and researchers engaged in or associated with meat and poultry processing. A. M. Pearson F. W. Taubert tDeceased 1 Introduction to Meat Processing Meat processing as discussed in this text includes all processes uti­ lized in altering fresh meat except for simple grinding, cutting, and mixing. In the broadest sense, this includes curing, smoking, canning, cooking, freezing, dehydration, production of intermediate-moisture products, and the use of certain additives such as chemicals and en­ zymes. However, the definition excludes cutting, grinding, and pack­ aging of fresh meats in retail stores and in homes. In this way, the definition differentiates between (1) those processes that enter into the preservation and manufacturing of meat products, and (2) those that alter the form of fresh meat in preparation for consumption.
Table of Contents

Preface xi
1 Introduction to Meat Processing
2 Composition and Nutritive Value of Raw Materials and Processed Meats
3 Curing
4 Smoking
5 Meat Cookery and Cooked Meat Products
6 Raw Materials
7 Sectioned and Formed Meat Products
8 Least-Cost Formulation and Preblending of Sausage
9 Sausages
10 Sausage Formulations
11 Casings, Seasonings, Extenders and Additives
12 Cured and/or Smoked Meats
13 The Canning Process
14 Canned Meat Formulations
15 Restructured Meat Products
16 Analytical Methods
17 Other Methods of Processing
18 Deterioration of Processed Meat

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