Principles of Animal Physiology 2nd edition

Principles of Animal Physiology2nd International Edition continues to set a new standard for animal physiology ebooks with its focus on animal diversity, its clear foundation in cell and molecular biology, its concrete excellent examples throughout, and its fully integrated coverage of the endocrine system. The PDF ebook includes the most up-to-date research on animal genomics and genetics, methods and models, and offers a diverse range of invertebrate and vertebrate examples.

The Cellular Basis of Animal Physiology: Introduction to Physiological Principles, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Cell Physiology, Neuron Structure and Function, Hormones and Cell Signaling, Cellular Movement and Muscles.

Integrating Physiological Systems: Sensory Systems, Circulatory Systems, Functional Organization of Nervous Systems,  Ion and Water Balance, Respiratory Systems, Digestion, Thermal Physiology, Locomotion, Reproduction.

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