Principles of Animal Physiology 3rd Edition


Principles of Animal Physiology 3rd Edition

Principles Of Animal Physiology 3Rd Edition Pdf

By Christopher D. Moyes and Patricia M. Schulte

Principles of Animal Physiology, 3rd Edition PDF is designed to provide second- and third-year, undergraduate university students enrolled in animal physiology courses with an approach that balances its presentation of comparative physiology with mechanistic topics.

The book delivers the fundamentals of animal physiology, while providing an integrative learning experience, drawing on ideas from chemistry, physics, mathematics, molecular biology and cell biology for its conceptual underpinnings.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Physiological Principles

Physiological Evolution of Animals (NEW)

Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Cell Physiology

Cell Signaling and Endocrine Regulation

Neuron Structure and Function

Cellular Movement and Muscles

Sensory Systems

Functional Organization of Nervous Systems

Circulatory Systems

Immune Systems (NEW)

Respiratory Systems


Ion and Water Balance

Digestion and Energy Metabolism

Thermal Physiology

Reproductive Physiology

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