Poultry Meat Processing and Quality

Poultry Meat Processing and Quality PDF

By G Mead

Poultry Meat Processing and Quality PDF. Poultry products are universally popular and in recent years the consumption of poultry meat has risen dramatically. To ensure the continued growth and competitiveness of this industry, it is essential that poultry meat quality and safety are maintained during production and processing. This important collection provides an authoritative review of the key issues affecting poultry meat quality in production and processing.The book begins by establishing consumer requirements for meat quality, before examining the influence of breeding and husbandry, and techniques for stunning and slaughter of poultry. Chapters 5 and 6 look at primary and secondary processing and Chapters 7, 8 and 9 discuss packaging, refrigeration and other preservation techniques. There are also chapters on microbial hazards and chemical residues in poultry. Quality management issues are reviewed in the final group of chapters, including shelf-life and spoilage, measuring quality parameters and ways of maintaining safety and maximising quality.Poultry meat processing and quality is an essential reference book for technical managers in the Poultry Industry and anyone engaged in teaching or research on poultry meat production.

  • An essential reference for the entire poultry meat industry
  • Reviews the key issues affecting poultry meat quality in production and processing
  • Extensive analysis of poultry meat safety issues
Table of Contents

Part 1 Processing: Breeding and quality

Husbandry techniques

Stunning and slaughter

Secondary processing

Processing of turkey, geese, ducks and game birds


Part 2 Safety and quality: Shelf life and spoilage


Other preservation techniques

Controlling microbial hazards

Chemical residues

Treatment and disposal of processing waste

Maintaining meat quality during processing

Measuring quality parameters

Managing safety and quality

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