Pathology and Parasitology for Veterinary Technicians 2nd Edition

Pathology and Parasitology for Veterinary Technicians 2nd Edition PDF

By Leland S. Shapiro 

Pathology and Parasitology for Veterinary Technicians 2nd Edition PDF. It’s the publication professionals and future professionals turn to for detailed information on pathology and parasitology in veterinary medicine. It features clear-cut descriptions, case studies, and methodologies for the practical setting. Veterinary professionals and those in the animal, equine, dairy, and poultry fields will benefit from explanations about technical procedures, parasite life cycles, zoonotic potential, diagnosis, and treatment. A review of current literature provides valuable background, and the accompanying CD-ROM Image Library features extensive color images of parasites and various pathologies.

Table of Contents
Part I – Pathology
Chapter 1: Introduction to Pathology.
Chapter 2: Cell Injury and Cell Death.
Chapter 3: Inflammation and Healing.
Chapter 4: Review of the Circulatory System.
Chapter 5: Neoplasia: An Introduction to Tumors.
Chapter 6: Immunological Diseases.
Chapter 7: Mechanisms of Infections and Causes of Infectious Disease.
Chapter 8: Genetic Disorders.
Chapter 9: Environmental and Nutritional Diseases.
Chapter 10: Zoonosis and Safety on the Job.
Part II – Parasitology
Chapter 11: The Variety of parasites.
Chapter 12: Ectoparasites of large animals.
Chapter 13: Ectoparasites of small animals.
Chapter 14: Endoparasites of Large Animals.
Chapter 15: Endoparasites of small animals.
Appendix: Specific Diseases of Selected Species.
Specific How to do or Prepare Examples.

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