Avian Physiology 4th Edition


Avian Physiology 4th Edition

Avian Physiology 4Th Edition Pdf

By Paul D. Sturkie (Editor)

Avian Physiology 4th Edition PDF. Since the publication of earlier editions, there has been The new edition has a number of new contributors, a considerable increase in research activity ina number who have written on the nervous system, sense organs, of areas, with each succeeding edition including new muscle, endocrines, reproduction, digestion and immu­ chapters and an expansion of knowledge in older chap­ nophysiology. Contributors from previous editions ters. have expanded their offerings considerably. The fourth edition contains two new chapters, on The authors are indebted to various investigators, muscle and immunophysiology, the latter an area journals and books for the many illustrations used. Indi­ where research on Aves has contributed significantly vidual acknowledgement is made in the legends and to our general knowledge of the subject. references. Preface to the ‘Third Edition Since the publication of the first and second editions, pathways of birds and mammals. New contributors in­ there has been a considerable increase of research activ­ clude M. R. Fedde and T. B. Bolton, who have com­ ity in avian physiology in a number of areas, including pletely revised and expanded the chapters on respira­ endocrinology and reproduction, heart and circulation, tion and the nervous system, respectively, and J. G. respiration, temperature regulation, and to a lesser ex­ Rogers, Jr. , W. J. Mueller, H. Opel, and D. e. Meyer, who have made contributions to Chapters 2,16, 17, tent in some other areas. There appeared in 1972-1974 a four volume treatise and 19, respectively.

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Table of Contents

1 Nervous System
2 Sense Organs
The Avian Eye and Vision
The Avian Ear and Hearing
The Chemical Senses in Birds
3 Muscle
4 Immunophysiology
5 Body Fluids: Blood, Blood Coagulation
6 Heart and Circulation: Anatomy, Hemodynamics, Blood Pressure, Blood Flow
7 Heart: Contraction, Conduction, and Electrocardiography
8 Respiration
9 Regulation of Body Temperature

10 Energy Metabolism
11 Alimentary Canal: Anatomy, Regulation of Feeding, and Motility
12 Alimentary Canal: Secretion and Digestion, Special Digestive Functions, and Absorption.
13 Carbohydrate Metabolism
14 Protein Metabolism
15 Lipid Metabolism
16 Kidneys, Extrarenal Salt Excretion, and Urine
17 Pituitary Gland
18 Reproduction in the Female
19 Reproduction in the Male
20 Thyroids

21 Parathyroids and Ultimobranchial Glands
22 Adrenals
23 Pancreas and Pineal: Pancreas, Pineal


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