Milk Production (Food Science and Technology)

Milk Production (Food Science And Technology)

By Boulbaba Rekik

Table of Contents

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Part I: Physiology of Lactation
Chapter I Mammary Glands, Aquaporins and Milk Production

Part II: Milk for Humans of All Ages
Chapter II Science and Pseudo-Science of Milk Implications for Human Health

Chapter III Ruminant Milk and Human Wellbeing: A Multi-Species Review of
the Natural Relations
Chapter IV Colostral and Lactogenic Maternal Immunity: Humoral and Cellular
Factors of Induction and Transmission to the Neonate
Chapter V The Importance of Milk Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition

Part III: Milk Production by Different Species in Varied Geographical Areas
Chapter VI Investigations on the Geographical Origin of Cow Milk and Comparison of the Lipid Composition of Cow and Buffalo Milk by Means of Traditional and Innovative Physico-Chemical Analyses
Chapter VII Alternative Approaches for the Prevention of Bovine Mastitis.
Probiotics, Bioactive Compounds and Vaccines
Chapter VIII Milk Production of Holsteins under Mediterranean Conditions: Case
of the Tunisian Population
Chapter IX Fresh Ewe Milk Production and Cereal Nutrition: A Peripartal
Interactive Model of Grain Choice and Level
Chapter X Fatty Acid Composition of Milk Lipids in Response to Dietary Fish
and Safflower Oils

Part IV: Milk Products and Valorization Techniques
Chapter XI Genetic Factors and Dairy-Technological Valorisation of Milk

Part V: Animal Welfare
Chapter XII Animal Welfare in Dairy Operations: A Postmodern View 2


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